Sunday, October 11, 2009



At least Cronkite isn't around to declare defeat
Wally Cronkie's Dead -
 We, none of us, can read Camp Keating That Was Attacked is Abandoned without it adding to the heavy sense of deja-vu that grips us since  Obamunists seized power.
One of the commanders in the Keating fight rejected any suggestion that the battle was a defeat and was frustrated that it could appear that way, especially since he estimated that as many as 100 to 150 attackers were killed in the fight.

Lt. Col. Jimmy Blackmon, who commanded the Apache battalion that flew to Keating's defense, told ABC News, "Knowing that American soldiers fought all day long, heroic valorous actions all day long, and a headline would lead the average person to believe that we may have lost that fight. Unequivocally untrue."
At least there's no "Most trusted man in America" who can turn an American victory into catastrophic defeat with a single utterance.  Ironic, in a way, wot?  That Most Trusted boy was largely responsible for the cynical distrust we have for newsmen today?  But, does it matter?  Nope. The combined Democrat-Media Complex have simply decided to do what they want to do,  the public be damned.  On climate; on Health car; on Obama's background; --- everything.   The consequences of repeating the Vietnam betrayal in Afghanistan are so vast that nobody can really wrap their mind around them yet.  I keep going back to this video. These Obamunists may be clumsy and heavy-handed  in the execution of their plan, but they do have one.  Watch and decide.