Sunday, November 08, 2009


A Sunday Idyll

Heaven for Atheists
 a vacation getaway for everyone else.

 The String Theory  supports an infinite number of parallel universes, with new universes being created just by thinking of one.  So, and this is the dominant science amongst today's physicists, it is for certain that this world I will describe exists.  It's a lot like the one we know, except a guy named Barry Obama died of a heroin overdose in 1992.  The daughter of a Baltimore politician, Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro, died in 1957 after getting a coat hanger abortion (that was the cover story.  In reality, her father strangled her after she delivered a bastard Negro son.  Italians are somewhat racist.).  None of the current democrat leadership exist.  They were all killed when Richard Nixon, to much applause, ordered a B-52 strike on the Woodstock festival, just before nuking China.  My wife insisted that a young woman named Sarah Heath be allowed to share our marriage bed several years ago. That's worked out pretty good. Oh, Ronald Reagan has been  president for 29 years now. Y'all are invited to visit ... it's a little bubble just in front of your nose, if you can see it, come on in.  Ain't life grand? 

PS- the blood spatter?  Mo Sup reminded me that I'm still here in this dimension.  Sheesh.

Predict your own death

An Obamacare Bonus

I say - Kick'em out

A Courtesy to our Friends at KOS


 KOS diarist LaFeminista reflects the animus the Sorosleft have after passage of the Stupak Amendment which,  nominally, will keep Obamacare from funding abortion.  In truth, a Medicare type supplement insurance will be available.   Anyway, to help them out, and make retribution easier, here are the 64 Dems who voted for Stupak.

   Jason Altmire, Joe Baca, John Barrow, Marion Berry, Sanford Bishop, John Boccieri, Dan Boren, Bobby Bright, Dennis Cardoza, Chris Carney, Ben Chandler, Travis Childers, Jim Cooper, Jim Costa, Jerry Costello, Henry Cuellar, Kathy Dahlkemper, Lincoln Davis, Artur Davis, Joe Donnelly, Mike Doyle, Steve Driehaus, Brad Ellsworth, Bob Etheridge, Bart Gordon, Parker Griffith, Baron Hill, Tim Holden, Paul Kanjorski, Marcy Kaptur, Dale Kildee, James Langevin, Daniel Lipinski, Stephen Lynch, Jim Marshall, Jim Matheson, Mike McIntyre, Charles Melancon, Michael Michaud, Alan Mollohan, John Murtha, Richard Neal, James Oberstar, David Obey, Solomon Ortiz, Tom Perriello, Collin Peterson, Earl Pomeroy, Nick Rahall, Silvestre Reyes, Ciro Rodriguez, Mike Ross, Tim Ryan, John Salazar, Heath Shuler, Ike Skelton, Vic Snyder, Zachary Space, John Spratt, Bart Stupak, John Tanner, Gene Taylor, Harry Teague, Charles Wilson

What's a body to do?

In Passing
 Things that made me face my dark side
Black leader attacks union ‘gang’
“Chicago Public Schools have a gang problem. The gang, however, is not the BDs (Black Disciples), the gang is not the GDs (Gangster Disciples), the gang is not the Vice Lords and the gang is not the Four Corner Hustlers. The gang is the Chicago Teachers Union.”

Are We Surprised?
I’m quite willing to acknowledge that the charming friend of my daughter from Pakistan and the guys who ran the filling station with the best hamburgers in town or my thoughtful & cheerful Egyptian student are not terrorists. But

The President of the United States Said That? 
“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
  • There will be hell to pay for Democrats who voted in favor of the Stupak amendment banning any federal funding of abortions ...   from liberal Democrats who are fuming at the internet mouth as I type.
  • There will be hell to pay for Democrats from red states and swing states ...2010 will be the most vicious political campaign any of us have seen. Ever.
  • There will be hell to pay for any of the moderate Democrat Senators who are sitting on the fence, if they vote in favor of the Senate version, or vote for cloture
“British Muslims Fear Repercussions Over Tomorrow’s Train Bombing.”

What the government will require you to do:
• Sec. 202 (p. 91-92) of the bill requires you to enroll in a "qualified plan." If you get your insurance at work, your employer will have a "grace period" to switch you to a "qualified plan," meaning a plan designed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. If you buy your own insurance, there's no grace period. You'll have to enroll in a qualified plan as soon as any term in your contract changes, such as the co-pay, deductible or benefit. .... • Sec. 224 (p. 118) provides that 18 months after the bill becomes law, the ... .

Well, I'm full