Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In his own words


Tell my cell-mate I said, Baaaaa-baaaaaaaaa

Kaine Denies Clemency,
Muhammad Set to Be Executed

 Below, some memorable last words.  Any suggestions for John Muhammad? 
Well, gentlemen, you are about to see a baked Appel.
Executed in electric chair in New York.
~~ George Appel, d. 1928

You sons of bitches. Give my love to Mother.
Executed in electric chair.
~~ Francis "Two Gun" Crowley, d. 1931

How about this for a headline for tomorrow's paper? French fries.
Executed in electric chair in Oklahoma.
~~ James French, d. 1966

I'd rather be fishing.
Executed in electric chair, Louisiana.
~~ Jimmy Glass, d. June 12, 1987

I did not get my Spaghetti-O's, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this.
Executed by injection, Oklahoma.
~~ Thomas J. Grasso, d. March 20, 1995

Hurry it up you Hoosier bastard! I could hang a dozen men while you're screwing around.
Executed by hanging Leavenworth, Kansas.
~~ Carl Panzram, d. September 5, 1930

I like this picture

Girl Signs
 It means "we're straight."

From the people who want to own you

Hmmmm.  What could possibly explain this discrepancy?
Columbo would ask, "who had a motive, the opportunity, and something to gain by causing a panic and supplying the cure?"

hood account

911 rerun

I cannot vouch for the validity of this.  Was sent to me by a friend.  I do believe that this is  a true Eye Witness account of what a JAG Officer saw outside.


Here's a snippet.  View the whole thimg here.
g I hadn't run away and stayed because I had thought about the consequences or anything like that. I wasn't thinking anything through. Please understand, there was no intention. I was just staying there because I didn't think about running. It never occurred to me that he might shoot me. Until he started shooting in my direction and I realized I was unarmed. Then the female cop comes around the corner. He shoots her. (according to the news accounts she got a round into him. I believe it, I just didn't see it. he didn't go down.) She goes down. He starts reloading. He's fiddling with his mags. Weirdly he hasn't dropped the one that was in his weapon. He's holding the fresh one and the old one (you do that on the range when time is not of the essence but in combat you would just let the old mag go). I see the male cop around the left corner of the building. (I'm about 15-20 meters from the shooter.) I yell at the cop, "He's reloading, he's reloading. Shoot him! Shoot him!) You have to understand, everything was quiet at this point. The cop appears to hear me and comes around the corner and shoots the shooter. He goes down. The cop kicks his weapon further away. I sprint up to the downed female cop. Another captain (I think he was with me behind the cars) comes up as well. She's bleeding profusely out of her thigh. We take our belts off and tourniquet her just like we've been trained (I hope we did it right...we didn't have any CLS (combat lifesaver) bags with their awesome tourniquets on us, so we worked with what we had).

Meanwhile, in the most bizarre moment of the day, a photographer was standing over us taking pictures. I suppose I'll be seeing those tomorrow. Then a soldier came up and identified himself as a medic. I then realized her weapon was lying there unsecured (and on "fire"). I stood over it and when I saw a cop yelled for him to come over and secure her weapon (I would have done so but I was worried someone would mistake me for a bad guy). I then went over to the shooter. He was unconscious. A Lt Colonel was there and had secured his primary weapon for the time being. He also had a revolver. I couldn't believe he was one of ours. I didn't want to believe it. Then I saw his name and rank and realized this wasn't just some specialist with mental issues. At this point there was a guy there from CID and I asked him if he knew he was the shooter and had him secured. He said he did. I then went over the slaughter house. the medical SRP building. No human should ever have to see what that looked like. and I won't tell you. Just believe me. Please. there was nothing to be done there.


More like an unbridgeable gulf

 The Constitutional Divide
Defining the split in America's values

 --easy to print on one page and circulate--


America's "LEFT"
Collectivist Values
America's "CENTRIST"
Moderate Values

 There's lots of this type thing out there; this is pretty good.  I found myself thinking, or trying to think, like a modern Liberal going through the list of comparisons.  My sense is that they will agree with everything in the right column, but find the appropriate rationale to end up in the left.

<libthink> "Small Government needs to be just Big enough to address the needs and wants those less fortunate than the fortunate. </libthink>

It's close to impossible to challenge ideology.  When change does occur, it's probably seconds before they fall victim to it themselves.  I think it's Obama's goal to destroy our  free market so we'll be eager to grab some some socialist bread.  Actually, I'm certain of it.


But wait ...

Guaranteed Smile
A Beyoncing Baby Boy

Inspirational message

Inspiring to many of us ...
 As we get older we sometimes begin to doubt our ability to "make a difference" in the world.  It is at these times that our hopes are boosted by the remarkable achievements of other "seniors" who have found the courage to take on challenges that would make many of us wither. Meet Harold Sclum

I've often been asked, 'What do you old folks do now that you're retired'?  Well. I'm fortunate to have a chemical engineering background, and one of the things I enjoy most is turning beer, wine, Scotch, and Margaritas into urine.

I'm in total self defense mode - that includes you Girl Scout cookie girl

 Flags and flowers are shown in front of the apartment, upper right, where Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan lived outside of Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, Monday, Nov. 9, 2009. Hasan is suspected of opening fire on fellow soldiers during a rampage that left 13 people dead on Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009.

I like the Korean Boat one

In Passing
 Nothing really surprises me anymore
UPDATE!  Okay,
  that did.

Obamanomics' Backlash Stimulus
And it didn't help to have one after another of those commie czars pop up in the West Wing. Each time a new pinko was unearthed, I couldn't help thinking of that Wack-a-Mole game on the boardwalk where you try to smash mechanical moles as hard and quickly as possible with oversized mallets as they pop up from their hole [How delicious]

More Wack-a-Mole
With just days to go before Levi Johnston's photo spread for Playgirl hits the stands, the most famous 19-year-old single dad from Alaska is keeping in the headlines with news to today that the teen will be suing to obtain joint custody of his son, Tripp Palin.

Chris Matthews 'That's Not a Crime to Call al Qaeda, Is It?'

Newsweek rejects "insane." Goes other way.
Cites Marxist for fave quote

Today's Fun
Australian Air Force bombs North Korean Drug Ship.

Dorothy Rabinowitz

Dr. Phil and the Fort Hood Killer
His terrorist motive is obvious to everyone but the press and the Army brass.

Down with Escapism - Caleb Weintraub

For years I maintained a subscription to the WSJ for, as much as anything, Dorothy Rabinowitz columns.  I will describe her as someone with common sense (a none too common attribute today) who writes good. Tenacious too. Her 1995 story [A Darkness in Massachusetts] about the insane prosecution of the Amirault family in the Fells Acre Day Care case, sparked a nine-year crusade to win their freedom.   To read that saga today will help us understand how, if not why, a national hysteria can lead to an Obama. Here's a snippet of the bitch slap she lays on the Dr. Phils who've Oprah-nized a whole society.
A shocked Dr. Phil, appalled that the guest had publicly mentioned Maj. Hasan's Islamic identity, went on to present what was, in essence, the case for Maj. Hasan as victim. Victim of deployment, of the Army, of the stresses of a new kind of terrible war unlike any other we have known. Unlike, can he have meant, the kind endured by those lucky Americans who fought and died at Iwo Jima, say, or the Ardennes?

The quality and thrust of this argument was best captured by the impassioned Dr. Phil, who asked us to consider, "how far out of touch with reality do you have to be to kill your fellow Americans . . . this is not a well act." And how far out of touch with reality is such a question, one asks in return—not only of Dr. Phil, but of the legions of commentators like him immersed in the labyrinths of motive hunting even as the details of Maj. Hasan's proclivities became ever clearer and more ominous. [Article]

Rush asks the rehtorical question