Thursday, November 19, 2009

Landrieu: What sort of woman do you think I am?

Churchill: Madam, we’ve already established that.
Now we are haggling about the price.

 Reid buys Landrieu's Health Care vote for 100 Million

 If this isn't a clear case of, of .. you know, then nothing is.

Harry's deal

Today's Snarky Citation
from Obama-Reid Health Scam
O:\MAL\MAL09852.xml [file 6 of 9] S.L.C.

vidual or entity that knowingly makes or causes to
12 be made any false statement, omission, or misrepre13
sentation of a material fact


$50,000 for each false
19 statement or misrepresentation of a
20 material fact
 Okay, it's a push, but you have to admit it takes more than a little chutzpah to use this language - MAKING FALSE STATEMENTS OR MISREPRESENTATION OF MATERIAL FACTS - the broad application of  which would bankrupt and jail everyone involved with this bill.   But here's the interesting part.  We're all prolly aware of this by now.

The 2,074-page Senate health care bill would take 34 hours to read cover to cover -- and that's just what Sen. Tom Coburn wants done on the Senate floor.

The Oklahoma Republican has threatened to invoke parliamentary rules to force the Senate clerk (or more likely, a team of clerks) to read the massive bill before the full Senate begins formal debate on the legislation.

But this part is new, to me anyway.

What's even more interesting is that Senate Rule XIV (paragraph 2) states that every bill and joint resolution "shall receive three readings prior to its passage."

Plus, it will take 60 votes to send the bill to the floor for a vote.  That means even the defection of a single Democrat kills it.   Forty-one words:  L-I-E-B-E-R-M-A-N.

Oprah gets smacked

 If you were one of the billions who didn't watch Sarah Palin's Oprah appearance, you'll be glad to learn that (according to HuffPo) the "real telling moment came in the first seconds of the sit-down."
They don't call it The Oprah Winfrey Show for nothing. It was a moment worthy of a WWF Smackdown: The Narcissist vs The Maverick.

Did you feel snubbed that I hadn't invited you to be on the show during the campaign?, Winfrey immediately asked The Wasilla Wonder. To which a rather snarky Palin quipped, "No offense to you, but it wasn't the center of my universe." Oh no she di-'int! Palin then added, "I've heard more about that during the last few weeks than during the campaign." Clearly taken aback, an incredulous Winfrey asked, "You didn't even know about it?!" Wow. It was kind of painful to watch. It was as if Oprah was pleading, Wait, don't you know who I am? I am Oprah...Winfrey....I elect presidents...I turn no-name authors into superstars....I make middle-aged, middle-American white women swoon more than Josh Groban! Are you telling me you didn't obsess about me when you were on the campaign trail? Shocking! Truly shocking!

And there you have it. The one big, and only truly relevant moment in the interview. The Mammoth Ego from Chicago meets the Mighty MILF From Alaska. Last time I saw theatre this good a bunch of human cats were jumping around on Broadway.
 Oprah's ratings for this show were her highest in years, surpassing even the Obama interview.

Related: MoSup tells me that while she was in Border's Bookstore yesterday, a man came up to the desk and somewhat irritatedly said to the clerk, "I'm looking for her book!" That  was all.  Her book. The clerk responded that she didn't know where it was.  Another clerk piped up, "I've got them here in a box, but they're somewhere else too."   Word for word.

Hannity's Palin Interview Ratings: 4.9 Million For Second Highest Rated "Hannity (including  & Colmes)" Ever
Monkey Crash
has the full Palin-Hannity video (in 7 parts).  I did watch it, and Sarah sparkled.

Bullies in a small town

What happened in Standish, MI
This is the latest video from Keep America Safe and I think the best one yet. Justin Germany put this together after a trip up to Standish, Michigan, with KAS board member Debra Burlingame, who was all over the Holder hearings yesterday. It now seems unlikely that the detainees will end up in Standish, in no small part because the community there rallied against the plan even as statewide Democrats tried to turn the town into a cash-for-jihadis stimulus program. - Michael Goldfarb

 I think we will identify with Standish as a metaphor for everything that's happened in this country since Obama.  Because heat was applied, they backed down, but will relaunch the attack someplace else, and keep attacking until resistance fades away.  A successful long term action, metaphorically speaking, would be to shoot rabid dogs dead.

Obama Mug Shots

Today's Profiling
 tee-shirts and crime

Obama Mug Shots

Sin of Multiculturalism

"Diversity" is a difficulty to be overcome,
not an advantage to be sought.

Video Mash

Golden Age of Video

PC v. Mac

Psalm 109:8

In the Christian tradition ...
 Psalm 109:8


Tax Dollars at Work

Scamulous: 1000 words
Now, no plan is perfect. And I can't stand here and promise you that not one single dollar will slip through the cracks. But what I can promise you is that we will do everything in our power to prevent that from happening, which is why we're building on the provisions in the Recovery Act to forbid the use of these funds to build things like dog parks. - (1068 with this Obama's quote)

Yep. That's a state-of-the-art dog park, paid for with stimulus money.

Like the man said: No plan is perfect.


Happy Happy

Say Happy Birthday to Linda

The Usual Suspects

In Passing
  The world's a three-legged dog trying to bury a turd on a frozen lake.

Stuff I saw today

Criminal charges of “Conspiracy and Fraud” are served against Nancy Pelosi in US District Court, Nashville, Tennessee
#  Floridafree Says: This is great we MUST serve every U.S. District Court across this Nation there has to be at least one court that will do it’s sworn duty. No response from the NUTC .

Upstate Conservative Decides He Won the Election Really

Gawker: plot to save Glen Beck's health; blames Palin

Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Care About the Constitution
Lefttards find actual case where words mean something; bestow major award.

Palinoia.  It's when you think people are out to get you, and then they do their best to justify your erroneous belief.
Megan McArdle requires medical attention after attempting full body mindspring.

The Randall Terry of Anti-Palinism needs McArdle's EMT's ASAP.
... it wouldn’t even be accurate to say that he [Andrew Sullivan] has let Sarah Palin jiu-jitsu him; no, what’s happening here is that he is jiu-jitsuing himself — an act of which Sarah Palin is the most conspicuous beneficiary.

Note to Hamid Karzai: One country's corruption is another country's stimulus package.
Thunder-thighed chick in black spandex to the contrary

Al Gore said it.
"It definitely is, and it's a relatively new one. People think about geothermal energy — when they think about it at all — in terms of the hot water bubbling up in some places, but two kilometers or so down in most places there are these incredibly hot rocks, 'cause the interior of the earth is extremely hot, several million degrees, and the crust of the earth is hot."

Justin's dad still cranky
"I don't need more friends. You got friends and all they do is ask you to help them move. F__k that. I'm old. I'm through moving s__t."