Sunday, November 22, 2009

Norah Fkn O'Donnel

Desperation Was Yesterday.
MSNBC Moves to Gimcrackery

Not going away ...

Anti-Obama billboard stirs controversy

Obama's falling popularity will eventually embolden the right person ....

Rabid dogs running amok here boss

‘Climate change pushes poor women to prostitution, dangerous work’
 Not to mention scaring the piss out of our luminaries

What utter crap

I spit in your faces right wing peasants!
oh yeah?
Bombs Away MoFo

That pretty much sums up the attitude of the Democrat-Media complex.  All they need to do is hold the loyalty of the 40% or so Americans who rely on them for the news, so anything goes (WIWWHTKT).  Here's the latest bit of insolence from that syphilitic hag, the Gray Lady.
NYTimes: We Won't Publish "Statements that Were Never Intended for the Public Eye."

With the release of hundreds of emails by scientists advocates of global warming showing obvious and entirely inappropriate collusion by the authors -- including attempts to suppress dissent, to punish journals that publish peer-reviewed studies casting doubt on global warming, and to manipulate data to bolster their own arguments -- even the New York Times is forced to concede that "the documents will undoubtedly raise questions about the quality of research on some specific questions and the actions of some scientists." But apparently the paper's environmental blog, Dot Earth, is taking a pass on publishing any of the documents and emails that are now circulating. Andrew Revkin, the author of that blog, writes,

    The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won’t be posted here.

This is the position of the New York Times when given the chance to publish sensitive information that might hinder the liberal agenda. Of course, when the choice is between publishing classified information that might endanger the lives of U.S. troops in the field or intelligence programs vital to national security, that information is published without hesitation by the nation's paper of record. But in this case -- the documents were "never intended for the public eye," so the New York Times will take a pass. I guess that policy wasn't in place when Neil Sheehan was working at the paper. [Michael Goldfarb ]

You know you're a red neck ...

Head lights caught in a deer
 Merrily says she put her Christmas lights up last night.

Manchurian Obama

"Don’t think so, I think it’s intentional"
 MoSup forwarded this e-mail, and I was incredulous.  I mean, come-on!  I spend a good chunk of every day delving into the private and public life of Captain Zero, and no way this could have slipped by.  I Googled "obama no salute on veterans day,"  as you may try on my Google machine above, and got zip.  A fake.  But wait! Unless it's a photochop, it's still another example
He sent the message early on, didn't he?
of his in-your-face anti-Americanism regardless of the circumstances.  I Googled  for "Lucianne.Com no salute on veterans day," using the Blog option, and bang-bang-bang.   So, lesson learned.  I can't really blame Google, which stated some time ago it would segregate blog stuff from news stuff.  And the lesson isn't that the Donk media doesn't report Obama negatives, which I knew.  The lesson is to begin searching blogs instead of news.
Maybe he's just stupid!  Don’t think so, I think it’s intentional

He let it slipped again

Looks as though the President forgot something...again…on Veterans Day no-less!!

There is a must-see photo at Lucianne.Com taken at the Veterans Day ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. See the ‘Debt President’ at his sorry best. The military men salute, a civilian has his hand over his heart, and Ofumble has his hands covering his nonexistent whatsits. A picture is worth a trillion words from POTUS, and says it all again!

President Holder

Why'd Zero Recuse Himself on Terror Trials?
 It's a fair question from a man who lost his son on 9/11:

The Obama administration decided to trash the detainee policies of its predecessor before the inauguration -- and before they'd even looked at the case files of the detainees being held at Gitmo. But when Obama came into office and signed the executive order setting a January 2010 deadline for closing Gitmo, detainee policy was placed under the purview of Obama's White House counsel Greg Craig. That is, detainee policy was to be set by the White House, not the Department of Justice. Now Craig is gone and all of a sudden the American people are to understand that these decisions need to be made independently of the White House, by an attorney general who isn't even asked to bounce his new policies off the president before announcing them to the public.

Beamer wants to know why Obama has shirked a decision with obvious implications for U.S. national security.  [WS]

 Why? Take your pick -

  1. There ain't no stinking consequences for Zero
  2. Zero's jackboot style is to do as he wishes
  3. Zero was putting for birdie when this came up
  4. It was left out of his copy of the script

on the road to Hell

Kennedy: Barred from Communion
A prayer for Patrick

 I am in no way proselytizing here, but if the Republican Party stuck to core  principles and beliefs in the face of shrieking advocates demanding "growth," as has  Rome,  they'd own the White House and congress as we speak. 

WASHINGTON — Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin has forbidden Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy to receive the Roman Catholic sacrament of Holy Communion because of his advocacy of abortion rights, the Rhode Island Democrat said Friday.

And since it's Sunday, and I've come to recognize my own mortality, I won't gloat that Patrick has consigned himself to an eternity in Hell, however that might manifest itself. I'll pray that he and his ilk stop living self indulgent lives, and start doing the right things for God and Country.  Amen.  [He's still a Kennedy prick though.]

My own suggested reform was rejected


In Passing
 Stuff that happened Saturday night

 sarabeth is damned tired of bad democrats who don't get with the program
“I’ve got this thing and it’s fucking golden, and I’m just not giving it up for fuckin’ nothing.”

Palin attacks Obama and Biden for their 'lack of experience' -- and can't tell us why she can do the job better

The World Socialist Web Site is not pleased ...
Running dog teacher union lackies? types are impatient with Obama's  commification  progress, but high standards have been set.  

President seeks $500,000 for ads to rebut Palin
Remember, this is the person who coined the term "Death Panels" -- and opened the flood gates for months of false attacks by special interests and partisan extremists! [And you expect him to stand up against Iran?]

Mattel celebrates 50 years with Barbie in a burkha
Ain't that swell ... Prolly done to cover the ravages of time.

Always There Are Two, A Master and an Apprentice...
Found at the O Club bathroom.


A man-made financial disaster
 entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem - Occam's razor

 There's too little discussion about this chain of events, which tells this gummint conspiratorialist (me) that  there's something to it. I ran into this yesterday at, which is all the excuse I need to bring it up again.

You will recall that, shortly before the end of the 2008 political campaign, the White House announced a threat to the entire financial system and called on Congress to enact emergency spending powers. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 was enacted on October 3, 2008.

Money sinkholeJust eighteen days earlier an event occurred that slid under the radar screen of virtually the entire mainstream media. On Thursday, September 15, 2008, at approximately 11 A.M., the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous draw down of money market accounts in the nation, amounting to $550 billion dollars. It occurred within an hour or two. The money was removed electronically.

It has never been made public which accounts were affected, nor where the withdrawn funds were sent. If we knew those facts, we would know who launched an attack on the United States that has been more devastating than any in our history.

[.enterstageright continued]

 Also on topic - Who piloted 9-18 plane?
Bumped from 11-21