Saturday, December 05, 2009

Home Office Woes

Working at Home
 I've had a home office and know the pitfalls if your family is not properly respectful of the situation.  Cuzzin Ricky is on his first go-around.  Yup.

The Flamer 5000

First Snow ...
 and I'm waiting for the mailman .

 "He seems to think it's 1952 Doctor."
"A few jolts of good old 220 ought to snap him out of that.  Plug this in."

Official Delegate w/ Badge

Tire out

Today's Laser Bread

Boxer and her fellows

Gropenhagen Conference
Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex

Barbara Boxer at work
Please call me Madame, I've worked hard for it. Sometimes for quarters.

 Odd what stereoypes you build.  I thought all Danish women offered free sex. Really. And all conference  attendees are climate whores.  Really. Bunch of whores.

r thongs dangerous?

Rodge, I'm really liking wearing a thong, but I've heard they could be dangerous.  What do you think?

Tim W
I think you're safe Tim.
American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector LCD Display

Smelly Rugs

Something Wonderful This Way Comes
 A story of travail, suffering, and finally joy

Bissell 7350 PROdry Fast-Drying Carpet Cleaner
 With Reagan the Wonder Dog's departure *sniff* came the job of deciding whether our two oriental rugs were salvageable, and how to go about it?  The rug in worst shape was from the den (top roll over), where I rule.  Whatever it was that caused her to lose all bladder control, lo those last 9 months, made her urine smell become progressively worse until *gasp* - I relented and it too went into stinky storage.   MoSup had rolled-up the living room rug months ago, so it was spared the god awful stuff,  and was returned to duty in quick order.

A neighbor happened to relate a rug cleaning nightmare of her own to MoSup.  She had hired a professional cleaner to rid carpet pet smell.  He failed at everything but presenting a bill.  Then, her sister who had worked for a rug retailer said that what they used was Windex with a surface washing.  We figured our rugs would cost somewhere between $400-600 with a professional, so what the hell - let's try it. Then. a serendipitous moment.

WindexMoSup suggested that she sure would like the Bissell cleaner they were demonstrating on Home Shopping.  That's her way of saying, "buy it for me."  Placed the order on the spot.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you that this is the greatest money we ever spent!  We usually rent a grocery store cleaner, but they pump out so much water that our orientals actually started to shrink.  This Bissell surface-sprays, then sucks up all the water.  It took a few days of using Woolite Pet Urine remover and Windex, but I'll be damned if the den rug isn't bright as hell, and utterly orderless now.

I do kinda miss the Reagan smell .  MoSup does not.

You're welcome.

Al Gore is an Oaf

In Passing
David becomes Goliath

The evolving Gore

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical
Them what can't try anyway

Atheists are jealous of the Yuletide season
“No god? No problem! Be good for goodness sake.”

'War on Christmas' and atheist ads
While everyone has the right to criticize the ads as being in poor in taste given the Christmas season the Fox & Friends hosts seem to go even further in suggesting the ads should not be allowed at all.

If PC was applied to cancer
Dr. Klavan has his diagnosis: political correctness kills and America might have a terminal case of this deadly disease.

The Selling Of Sarah
sarabeth continuing angst

Fifty-nine percent of voters think it was a bad idea for Obama to announce a timeline for withdrawal.

"Climate campaigner Al Gore has canceled a lecture he was supposed to deliver in Copenhagen"
... citing unforeseen changes in his schedule .

Climate researcher defends his actions, claims 'smear'
Scientist decries 'smear'; lawmakers want answers

CBS's " The Inappropriate Snowman"
Rusty posted earlier about Obama's "Safe School Czar" possibly being involved with pushing gay porn to kiddies.
Now we have CBS joining in with this.....

Mafia Wars