Thursday, December 24, 2009


Talkin's over

Merry Christmas. Not you Donk.

Obama Lap Dogs To The Very End

 Following Senate passage of the most destructive legislation in U.S. history, the White House press secretary substituted a stand-up comedy act in place of a briefing — and no reporter seemed to mind.

"What color are your socks today?" Gibbs asked one member of the press corps. Then it was on to the reporter "with the snappy blue tie and hopefully darker socks," as Gibbs described his attire.

Not long after that came a (ignored) question that must have kept C-SPAN junkies on the edge of their seats: "Does the president support Senator Akaka's native Hawaiian government reorganization act, creating a native Hawaiian government within the state of Hawaii?"

There were jokes about cell phones going off — "Is somebody ordering a pizza?" Gibbs asked — and of equipment being noisily dropped — "Careful ... this room isn't paid for!" said Gibbs. "This is just a rental!" But there were no serious questions about what is contained in Congress' worst-ever piece of legislation, rammed through in the middle of the night on a party-line vote.

What, for instance, does the president think about Democrats adding last-minute language that changes rules so parts of their bill may not be repealed by majority vote in future Congresses? (ignored) - [IBD Editorial]

I watched a Hitler Channel deal last night about how the photographed horror of Gettysburg dead affected Lincoln, and the nation.  I have no illusions about civil war hell, but I will encourage it a thousand times before agreeing to live under this current regime.  I would rather go down smiting, then hiding from the Obamunist SS.  Now, on to Egg-Nog. Changing my heart to love here boss.

Aviator dies

Cutting their meat for them

In passing
 I'ma pinin' fer the old days here boss.

Midnight Votes, Backroom Deals, and a Death Panel
A problem clearly enunciated by Miss Sarah

Death Panel Myth Returns! Just in time for Christmas
Libtard searches for "Death Panel" phrase in Senate Bill, and can't find it.

Sarah Palin and Death Panels: A Brief History
Yes, we have to cut their meat for them

"I didn't campaign on the public option," -Obamarama
The narcissist/sociopath version of  transubstantiation.

Where WaPost commie Ezra Klein feels a centipede crawling up his leg
Yes, Obama did campaign on the public option

Where Did These Guys Come From?
The Origins of Obamism

trailing wife - This isn't even the farmer's apology to the pigs.
Just saw the Jimmy Carter "apology" article. May he be fucked by the horse he rode in on. He is concerned that his helpful criticisms might possibly be used by others to say mean things about those stupid Juices who refuse to do as he tells them -- if only they would give all the land they stole back to the Noble Palestinians and their Noble Arab cousins, everyone would stop hating them as their actions so clearly deserve. How nice that his god understands him so clearly.

What e-Claire is prolly doing as we speak

What's this "Constitution" u refer to?

Richard Epstein: The Reid Bill
is Blatantly Unconstitutional

 As close to a Christmas present I can offer you, news wise

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

At, the distinguished University of Chicago constitutional scholar Richard Epstein provides a painstaking, withering analysis of the healthcare legislation wending its way through the Senate. He concludes that it is clearly unconstitutional. The essay is lengthy and, in places, complex; but it is brilliantly done, accessible, and compelling. [Thanks to Roger Kimball and Glenn Reynolds.] [
 A great read that, ultimately, will cause you to ask - "what do these people care about the constitution," which is a different problem. [the corner]