Saturday, January 16, 2010


better get off dem tracks

Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Not being a Bat Stater, and unfamiliar with Scott Brown's story, I found this WaPo article interesting [Democrats scramble in Massachusetts to retain Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat].  Especially the "but it kept the results to itself" part.

The fundamental dynamic of the race fell in place months ago, when Brown set off in a pickup truck for the only campaign the Republican could afford: retail, door-to-door. The campaign was so strapped for cash that aides described the $40,000 spent in the primary as a major hit. Brown could not afford to mail out absentee ballots, often so crucial in a close race. "So our program consists of e-mail and Facebook and Twitter," said Eric Fehrnstrom, a campaign official.

In mid-December, the National Republican Senatorial Committee conducted a poll that showed Brown trailing by only 13 points, but it kept the results to itself. Coakley continued operating on the assumption that for all intents and purposes she had won the seat with the Dec. 8 primary, a common assumption in the state known as the bluest of the blue.
Could be I'm reading into this stuff that validates my own impression of the Rockefeller-winged GOP leadership, but, wtf?          


Anonymous said...

Don't get all het up--the results are already in the computer.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

my instinct was to laugh. sigh

Ralph Gizzip said...

I think the RNC kept the poll results to themselves to let Coakley have a false sense of security. If Coakley's campaign realized Brown was in striking distance she may have campaigned harder and more effectively than she has.

Of course, the bullshit that comes out of her mouth renders that all null and void.

Kristopher said...

The RNC is worse than useless.

Get involved with the Tea Party effort to take over your Precinct. RNC position holders are elected by precincts.

Learn how your Party works dammit. Then use it.

Anonymous said...

13% isn't striking distance, but he was closing the gap. Now, that it's a tossup, the D's have the disadvantage of unmotivated voters, and the advantage of being unencumbered when it comes to stuffing ballot boxes. Brown will probably win the election, whether he can take the seat is another question entirely. I am proud of having tossed him a few pesos. They say he pulled in a million a day this past week. That's a healthy message about our side. We're in it to win it.


Hodja said...

Even if there's light at the end of the tunnel - it might be an expresstrain coming right at you.

Said by:

Anonymous said...

Like so many have already said, the Republican party left me. I think the TEA party just may have a chance and if they can get the organization it could happen. Limbaugh says over and over that a third party is not going to work and he has good instincts however, the Repubs show no spine or any hint of what the fu#( they need to do let alone start doing it. I am beginning to think they are hopelessly lost. If so, we only can go the third party route and fight like hell. I hate to work against some of the few Repubs that I like but, dammit if they are not serious about fixing this country than to hell with them all.


cmblake6 said...

No validity to a third party? Think "Perot". Remember him?

We do have some "independents". Not that you could tell, really. This TEA Party, however, seems to have some fire in its belly.

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