Saturday, January 16, 2010


Liberal Panic: Brown Win Would Mean
'End of Change As We Know It!'


A senior Democratic official on Friday described Ms. Coakley’s as within striking distance of Scott Brown

Top House Dem warns: If the American people throw a hissy-fit thinking they can stop us from doing what we want, they have another thought comeing!

Leftist Poll - only 62% of voters said President Obama was born in the United States   Them's a lot of birthers.


Anonymous said...

The end of change as we know it eh? That is NOT a bad thing. I don't like change like what is happening now...makes me wish for Carter - he was incompetent but, his problem was with killer rabbits - you gotta watch out for them killer bunnies man!!!

Face it folks, the dhimmies are crapping in their knickers and it is about time.


Anonymous said...

After the last year and a half of seeing just how stupid most of America is, I think the only reason 62% think Obama wasn't born in the US is because they think Hawaii is a foreign country.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Their threat to pass Obamacare, using reconciliation to bypass a filibuster, is reminiscent of Japs, couraged-up on saki, charging Marine 50 cals over and over until their generals slit their bellies open.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

mary - ouch

Anonymous said...

Get real, everyone knows Hawaii is one of the 57 states in the USA.

Kristopher said...

It is a foreign state. It's ruled by Nisei and Democrats.

We should conquer it some time.

Spin said...

Threats of reconciliation or the nuclear option would bode very poorly for Reid. Even he can see November coming fast.

If Brown wins in Massachusetts Susan Collins becomes the most important woman in America.


pdwalker said...

I'll be curious to see just what voting shenanigans they pull during the election. You know they'll be working hard on getting the dead to vote and revote until they have the result they want.

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