Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jumping Gay Walrus warning



Steve in Greensboro said...

I am definitely staying away from that pier. How gay? And how high can they jump?

Turing word: makersor.

A jumping gay walrus certainly would.

Merrily said...

Are you trying to imitate Charles Johnson? Because there's only one Chuckles (the JGW).

Anonymous said...

Merrily - That sign refers to Chuckles.

BlogDog said...

He's not *really gay. He's just has the 70's porn 'stache and he's desperately looking for his bukkit.

Yeah, "b" I used the "b." Good.

Alear said...

Upon seeing the JGW sign, I could only think, is he referring to Michael Moore or Algore?

Turing word: Hrmm, is the TW content determined? It's prombm

An ignorant dickweed said...

And the walrus is Paul.

Anonymous said...

I'd be very wary of jumping a walrus whether it was gay or not.

Anonymous said...

" he referring to Michael Moore or Algore"

nah, they can't actually jump, unless it's jumping to erroneous (or malfesant) conclusions.

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