Wednesday, February 17, 2010

suspicions verified

Boned Jello
"....anytime a Christian walks on Law and Order, you know he's the murderer ... watch who turns out to be the villain - how often he's the patriot [or] the Christian."  - screenwriter Andrew Klavan


Anonymous said...

I don't watch television.

Anonymous said...

I have been pointing this out to my kids for years . Hollywood/Disney hates the church , and every movie you watch the african is always the president , boss , or leader . The white guy is always a bumbling idiot or the bad guy . Euro Caucasion Christians with guns built this country ! Our founding Fathers gave us a reset button..... The 2nd amendment ! smibsid

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about Andrew Klavan the other day--great minds, I guess. (HA) And yes, I had noticed the same thing. Sometimes it ruins my favorite shows. mary

gregjohnson said...

That's true. Same for the new shows like 'Criminal Minds' - where you know, in advance, that the 'unsub' (cute name for a serial killer eh?) is a white male.

And while serial killers may get the kid-glove treatment for being 'misunderstood' - god help you if you are a christian or Texan.

pdwalker said...

Well, White Male Christians are a safe demographic to make fun of or slander. No one is going to claim racism or discrimination if you do.

Anonymous said...

The all Law and Oder all-the-time channel has been officially banned.


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