Monday, October 18, 2010

Eat this Green-weenies

German "heatball" whiz
outwits EU light bulb ban

Just 6 hours ago I posted on how Chinese manufacturers beat the ban on air conditioners that use  the refrigerant R-22, and now a German has figured out how to defeat another Algore idiocy, the ban on incandescent light bulbs.  This is where we used to shine, dammit.

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German entrepreneur is bypassing a European Union ban on light bulbs of more than 60 watts by marketing his own brand as mini heaters.

Siegfried Rotthaeuser and his brother-in-law have come up with a legal way of importing and distributing 75 and 100 watt light bulbs -- by producing them in China, importing them as "small heating devices" and selling them as "heatballs."

Danka very much.  Next, I suppose, some Laplander will figure out how to disable snoop cams.
Boned Jello


Anonymous said...

Cough Cough

thor :)

Cough You're welcome Cough

Mile66 said...

Cough-cough "...while it appears to hide your identity quite effectively, it doesn't exactly scream subtlety, so you'd best think of some excuses to explain yourself if you actually plan on trying this thing out in public."

Excuses to explain yourself? How about this one? "It's none of your damned business!" That should suffice.
Your welcome.

T.W. fuming. You betcha.

Helly said...

Ya, danke sehr.

That's just die Spitze of the Eisenbergen, Rodge. Translating from …

HEATBALL Was ist das?

In energy-efficient houses, incandescent lamps provide a significant proportion of the heat in the rooms. Replacing them with energy-saving bulbs eliminates that heat source, which must be replaced.

We help our children when we condemn bulbs? Really?

HeatBall is performance art! It is a protest against all regulations that enslave and disenfranchise citizens beyond democratic and parliamentarian rule.

How can you seriously believe that we can use energy-saving light bulbs save the world?

On another page, they explain that the HeatBall is 95% efficient as a heater. Although 5% of the electrical energy is wasted as light, the device is rated Effizienzklasse A.

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