Monday, November 15, 2010

Did Bill Ayers write this one too?

Obama's first children's book hits stores

President Barack Obama's friend Bill Ayers has ghostwritten  two bestselling books for adults: Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope. Now President Obama is delving solo into the world of children's literature.


Tomorrow, Submission (Al-Jazeera Press, $17.99) hits bookstore shelves. The 31-page picture book geared to ages 3 and up is touted as "a moving tribute to nineteen groundbreaking Muslim pilots and the ideals that have shaped their nations, mainly Saudi Arabia."

Obama highlights his greatest heroes whose traits he sees in his own two daughters. He writes about the artistry of Saul David Alinsky, the courage of Mohamed Atta, and the patriotism of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed .

The book is illustrated by Loren Long, who has painted pictures of Sasha and Malia Obama and their dog, along with the 19 heroic hijackers as kids and grown-ups. Long is also known for her work on picture books by Madonna and Frank McCourt.

Book royalties will go to a scholarship fund for children of insurgents killed or disabled in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama completed Submission before taking office in January last year.

Do you plan on buying a copy for your children?


Idaho Spud said...

I want one but you have to use a telepromter to read it.

Anonymous said...

The real title contains the words "I" and "me"... yup sounds like Barack.

Anonymous said...

I'd do it just like I do the copy of the Qur'an on my desk at work - tear out a page every day and either flush it down the toilet, burn it, or rub pork products on it and throw it in the trash.

rickn8or said...

I'll take two; one to sh*t on and one to cover it up.

rickn8or said...

And MY koran is on the floor, under the sleaziest scummiest porn novel I could find, after years of research.

Chuck Martel said...

I wonder what a signed, first edition of "Mein Kampf" goes for these days?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

EUR 35800

Anonymous said...

Chimpy McBusHitler releases a 500 page auto-bio.
Teh iLoozer turns in a coloring book.



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