Monday, November 15, 2010

Kind of like Liberals

Wait:  It's a Trick!
Mahometans in London try to pretend that they're unreasonable scumbags incapable of assimilating into non-
Mahometan cultures, and  security risks to any nation they gain a foothold in. 

Good thing I warned you that it was only a trick, wot.  You might otherwise have believed that they're a ticking time-bomb that requires immediate dismantling.
Tim W


Annoying Mike said...

You don't dismantle an active bomb. It's usually safer to attach explosives to the bomb and detonate it in place....

Helly said...

Did you know that Amazon carries a wide assortment of telescoping tactical batons?

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Is it unsensitive of me to enjoy the thought of just walking up to this group of scum, pulling out a couple of pistols and placing rounds directly between the eyes of those asshats?
It really is just a thought, but a thought that just plain warms my heart.
Chuck from Tacoma

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem to be anything a few BREN guns and a couple hundred rounds of .303 couldn't solve. - One Man Gang

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where are the Black & Tans now- treat em like Irish Catholics.

cmblake6 said...

I'm with "Annoying Mike". Blow it in place, or bust it with a Barrett.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful that the British people would allow that to happen to their country.

What's worse is that those goat sodomizing scumbags are almost certainly on government dole.

Explosives? Bren? After watching that, I'd advocate napalm, because it would at least eliminate the snell.

pdwalker said...

Why do they stay in Britain exactly?

Other than to wage war and suck up the government benefits, I mean.

Anonymous said...

pdwalker said...

Why do they stay in Britain exactly?

They live without the effort of providing for their own sustenance. Free food, lodging, medical care, and their birthrate is guaranteed to change the makeup of Britain in a very short time. The immigrants will be the majority, then they declare Sharia Law, dethrone the house of Windsor, take over the Church of England, etc, and have their run of the place.
Without a shot being fired.


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