Friday, January 01, 2010


Snow ride

Merrily's Snow Job
 Those are fast wiper blades.  Can't even follow them. :)

I just read your Sukky 2009 post, and it reminded me I was going to share this little video with you of Oklahoma's sukky Christmas weather. You nawtherners might be used to such, but we cannot deal with snow blowing sideways and accumulating to 12". I'll never wish for a white Christmas again!

This was taken by my younger son whilst driving about 20 mph in N Texas on Christmas Eve. An hour or so later, this highway was closed, stranding my sister and kids halfway to my mom's. The older son was stranded in OKC overnight, but he had a great place to stay. My old hometown didn't have electricity on Eve from 11 am to 8:15 pm. Then on Cmas day, the water supply was shut off all day due to power lines downed at the water treatment facility. There were other snafus as well. Thank God, we all made it to Mom's for Christmas Day and back home safely. Only by His grace.

Happy New Year! Thank you for what you do and for being my friend!


(Alternate direct view)

Thank you too, Merrily.

A List

2009 Winner & Losers



  1. Sarah Palin
  2. Terms "Wookie;" & anything "Obam-(aNation, unist, ...)"
  3. Glen Beck
  4. GOP - by default
  6. Pedophiles
  7. Tea Party
  8. Joe "You Lie" Wilson
  9. Michelle Bachman
  10. ACORN
  11. SEIU - The new ACORN
  12. Bacon
  13. Islamo Fascists
  14. People with family, friend, church support network
  15. NRA

  1. Obama  "the little prick is making it very hard"
  2. "Sexting;" "Chillaxin;" "Bromance"
  3. PitchMen
  4. Democrat Party
  5. Oprah
  6. Mike Huckabee. et al
  7. Print Media
  8. Michelle Obama
  9. MSNBC
  10. Lindsay Lohan
  11. Blog fascist Charles Johnson
  12. Hillary Clinton
  13. The American people
  14. The Supreme Court
  15. Al Gore & Global Warming, Inc.
  16. David Letterman: - Just for starters
  17. Nobel Prize Committee
  18. Senate Democrats
  19. Penis Enlargment
  20. Tiger Woods