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This tells you what I've been doing since 12:01.  Been putting it off, but I got cables to stream NetFlix to the TV, and a new tuner card that, hopefully, will allow me to once again record TV directly. Stuff's been staring at me, making me feel lazy.

I've been using my little Canon A560 to shoot the Tivo'd video off the television screen.  As you can see from the Glock 18 video, the quality is good, but the audio has that "tinny" sound, and it adds additional steps to produce.   My old TV tuner won't capture the HD signal, so this new card ought to put me back in business.  It's been about two years since I opened the box to fiddle with stuff, and horry clap, talk about dust buildup.  Nice feeling of satisfaction to wipe the innards clean.  Then my wireless keyboard wouldn't work.  Tried every damn thing for most of 2 hours.    Before trucking off to Office Depot.,  I just now pounded all the keys, and threw it onto my Lazy-Boy.  Sumbitch works now. 

So, what'd I miss?

A certain cowboy movie ..

 Looking for a name here, Boss.

Boned Jello

Circa 1985,  I caught the tail end an old West morality film - on a Christian family entertainment cable channel, of all places.  The plot was that a townsman got drunk, drove his wagon recklessly through town, and wound up killing a child.  This wasn't a Gunsmoke episode, but had that flavor. 

When I tuned in, the drunk was about to be  hanged, having been found guilty of murder.  Everyone in the town was sorry, his wife was on hand, but it was justice. The consequence of indulging in reckless behavior that harmed others.

I was waiting for the sheriff to stop it, or something, but damned if he didn't get hanged! This was before Lonesome Dove's famous "Jake's Fate" hanging, but  I found myself unsettled by it in the same manner.  Not that I disagreed; I had just become used to modern molly-coddling sensibilities.

Does anyone know the name of this episode?  I am forever wanting to use it in discussions with hard core Libertarians, as an example of changes that are necessary before society makes everything legal, more or less (which in theory, I too advocate). Gracia.


 Today's supposition

Boned Jello

 Heard in the O Club.   Bear in mind, I was on my 7th Manhattan, and transfixed by the bartender.
3dc  Pappy .. I give up... I speak a different language....

A friend was a United Pilot. He retired a United Pilot on a United Pension...
United went bankrupt...
The bankruptcy judge assigned all the money in his and other retired workers and pilots to the creditors of United.
The workers and pilots were left with NO pension. Just Social Security...

I am say... the same could happen to government pensions.. they don't have to be covered...

I am not saying should. I am saying there is precedence.

My argument is: "are government workers protected more by the government then any private workers?"
If that is the case (and it seems to be)
then it's not a government Of,By and For the People rather more something like the Pak. ISI.


Thug Nation

 Unveiled Threats
 Obama's Thug Pours Out

  1. Obama's in-your-face attack on the SCOTUS, as the justices sat scant yards away, was scary
  2. The man has absolutely no sense of irony
       - "I don't think the nation's elections should be bankrolled by America's most powerful [ahem] interests"
       -  "or worse, by foreign enemies."


In Passing

 In Passing
Boned Jello

‘The most bizarre State of the Union address’
“The best line of the night? “I know that there are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change.” Priceless.

Misconduct Found on   Health Plan Meetings
Opps ... sorry.  That was from the last one.

Records sought on White House health care talks
Act II

Heckler At Obama Speech to Congress: 'You Lie!'

Opps ... sorry.  That was from the last one.

Heckler At Obama Speech to Congress: 'You Lie!'

Chief Justice Alito calls Obama a liar ... Well, what would you call it?

Matthews On Obama: 'I Forgot He Was Black Tonight'
But the thrill up your leg Chris?  What about the thrill?

Fineman: Obama Should Be On Mt. Rushmore For That Speech
Newsweek's Howard Fineman feels the thrill

Couric on Obama: 'Better at Making Us Smarter than Making Us Angry,' 83% Back Obama
It's a Leftist Media Bonerama!

WingNerds Exonerated?
In all the rush of the State of the Union craziness tonight, I wanted to make sure you saw this latest turn in the Landrieu/WingNerd story down in New Orleans. It's still not clear what the Fearsome Four were trying to do. But it's no longer clear that they were attempting to bug Landrieu's phone. Some sort of tampering. But not clear it was bugging.