Friday, April 16, 2010

But Goldman Sachs
was the government?

Thinning the herd?


There were several who mentioned some combination of dead bodies and smoking gun, but Doug T wins this week's free iced tea. for B. 3 bodies on the ground and a guy holding a smoking gun.
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STFU Clinton

Recalling ’95 Bombing,
Clinton Sees Parallels

With the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing approaching, former President Bill Clinton  on Thursday drew parallels between the antigovernment tone that preceded that devastating attack and the political tumult of today, saying government critics must be mindful that angry words can stir violent actions.
The former president said the potential for stirring a violent response might be even greater now with the reach of the Internet and other common ways of communication that did not exist on April 19, 1995, when the building was struck. [blah-blah-blah]
Boned Jello

 Wow, who saw this coming?  Hey Slick, a lot of us have been noticing parallels too:

Sociopath with degree in pathological lying
Mysterious deaths and scandal
Hate and misuse the military
Nation revolting at the polls after just 2 years in office
Priority: Seize nation's health care industry
Use government agencies to harass  dissidents
Reliably accused of using and trafficking hard drugs
Use willing media to cast political opponents as drooling, right-wing fascists
Raise vast amounts of campaign money from illegal, or undisclosed foreign sources.
Ongoing cover-up campaign to squelch investigations into past; massive document disposal.
Obnoxiously ambitious wife uses husband's office to further career and $$
A DOJ that refused to prosecute Administration criminal activity after referral by investigative agencies.
A DOJ that knew in advance of plan to blow-up a federal building in Oklahoma City, but stopped ATF from moving against it ( for unexplained reasons).   Tim McVeigh sets modern day land speed record from indictment-to-executed.

US Citizen

Gotta play to win

Scratch 'n Sniff

Tax Day Tea Party


Boned Jello

I'm feeling pretty damn good.  I think this is how I felt after we took San Juan Hill, and Teddy slapped my butt, and said "Bully."
I copped these pictures from Doug M's strip, taken at the Raleigh Tea Party yesterday.  Both posters are new to me, so I'll have to hurry and make some tee-shirts.

I went back to my post of Rick Santelli's video (Feb 20, 2009) that began the Tea Party movement.  I clicked on Poll - Would you join Santelli's Chicago Tea Party? , and was taken to a Feb 22nd account of how wild things were getting.  It might be fun to watch Santelli's rant again, and that initial response. 

It's why we'll win!

Your Breakfast with Commies

Old Bell Ringers

Here are two vintage propaganda films that I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy.  See how many bells go off in your head after watching the 50 year old  "What is communism?," narrated by Herb Philbrick.  On the right, Walt Disney's anti-Nazism film from 1943,  "Reason and Emotion" shows what happens when emotion trumps reason after being indoctrinated.  More bells ringing. 

What is Communism? 14:00

Reason and Emotion 8:29


Daily Inspiration


Daniel Mauch, a.k.a. francis n blake

Meet .Daniel Mauch
aka - francis n blake

"As I approached Mr. “Francis N. Blake” and a group of four or five other young, white males, one of them shouted, “Racist! Sexist! Homophobe!” etc., etc."
Boned Jello

Daniel Mauch

Boned Jello
Have bloggers identified the New Orleans thugs who attacked Gov. Bobby Jindal aide Allee Bautsch, and friend Joe Brown ?