Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blonde contestent

This maht be a stupid question

Someone Smells

Train Smells
Somewhere along the line I lost my olfactory sense.  Not completely, but pretty much.  The doctors don't know why, only that it sometimes happens after an illness, or accident, and can return spontaneously, or never.  I don't think about it much, unless I have a moment.  From time to time I smell stuff.  This usually occurs out of doors, on warm, humid days.  The smell of moist earth, or flowers, or rotting vegetation will trigger an immediate nostalgic moment.  It's so powerfully pleasant, that I'm almost paralyzed at the spot, and don't want to leave.

Sometimes, looking at a picture will trigger a brainal smell that's real. That happened this morning, while I was doing the Kodak moment post below.  The picture of the steam locomotives.

When we were little, my sister and me were bundled off in the summer to visit the grandparents in Indiana.  Mother would take us to Chicago's Grand Central Station, and walk us down into the cellar, where the tracks and trains were.  The dank smell of steel and oil infused steam, hissing from hoses that were attached to each car, are uniquely train station, and I experienced them again., along with the associated memories.  Took me on a whole mind  adventure.  MoSup can smell a mosquito fart, and that acuteness has its own drawbacks, as you may imagine.  Still, I wish I could, too.  Without sticking my nose right into stuff.
Boned Jello

Happy Thoughts

Bothersome Birds

Boned Jello

I know this is supposed to be Only Happy Stuff Day (no Obama), but  this left me somewhat giddy, and might you too.  While is's obviously a  rank effort to make money off a meaningless poll, I'm pleased that the topic is being discussed, and had fun contemplating my answers.

What Price Should
Obama Pay?

It's time for Americans to start thinking: What penalty shall Barack Hussein Obama pay if it's proven that he is not a natural born citizen and, illegally, he has stolen the office of President of the United States? Please fill out this survey for the United States Justice Foundation.
1. Should Mr. Obama be found to lack the qualifications, as specified by the U.S. Constitution, to serve as President of the
United States of America, what do you feel should happen?
Arrested and immediately removed from office.check
Impeached by the U.S. Senate.
Removed from office during legal recourse.
Allowed to serve during legal recourse.
2. How should the rest of Mr. Obama's four-year term be resolved?
Vice-President Joe Biden or the next untainted person in the order of succession serve out the term as President.
Vice-President Biden or the next untainted person in succession serve as interim only until a national election  determines a qualified President.
Other check  Interim stewardship of McCain-Palin until special election.
3. Because Mr. Obama's fraud required several people to conspire to ignore the Constitution's qualifications, should VicePresident Biden be disqualified from serving as President as part of a fraudulent Democratic Party ticket?
checkYES NO
4. Should Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi be disqualified from serving as President for signing two Certifications of Nomination, one without the words "are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution?"
checkYES NO
5. What price should Obama ultimately pay for premeditatedly perpetrating this embarrassing and costly fraud on the American people and our Constitutional Republic?
Prison for:
30 Years
20 Years
Ouster at a public ceremony
Loss of citizenship (right to hold public office, to vote)
6. What price should be paid by those in Congress who knew of the fraud and did not expose it?
Ban from public office
Censure and reprimand
checkOther  Execution for treason & overthrowing the U.S. government

Twin WTF?

What the hell is going on here?
Mmmmm, Twins.
Boned Jello
Is this another one of these gastroenterologist (poop transplant) things? 

Pulling Pork

Stuff that works
Slow Cooker

Boned Jello

(Rollover for ceramic insert)

This is a celebration of stuff that works cheap. A few years ago my sister-in-law Toni Baloney gave us this slow cooker for Christmas.  We used to have one of those round Rival crock pots, but only used it once or twice.  Anyway, about a year later I began using it; makes the best whole chicken ever, and I discover new uses all the time.  But, first,  it meets all my requrements for any kitchen electronics.
  • No digital controls
  • No digital displays
  • Off and on switch only, with optional slow/ fast.
  • Sturdy
  • Easily cleaned
Everything  in our kitchen meets those standards (dishwasher, compactor, cooling machines),  except the microwave  dammit.  Anyway,  here's what this is really about.  I wanted to make some pulled pork, because I don't like that mushy pork BBQ they sell in the food store.  Bought a 5 pound pork butt, rubbed it with  secret rub, sprinkled some liquid smoke, poured a few cups of Sweet Baby Ray's over the top, and went out to turn on the grill.  But, I was out of fuel, and wasn't about to go out again, so I pulled out the cooker.  Set it on LOW, and let it go for 13 hours.  You're looking at it.  I shredded it, in pot, with the tongs, in about 3 minutes. Is it good?  MoSup creamed her jeans, and she's a girl who knows her pork BBQ.  The ceramic pot insert is worth $30 by itself, if not more.  That baby is heavy, and cleans up in 27 seconds with just soap and water.  Doubles as a tureen too. So there you go.  JC Penny is selling it for 19.95.   You're welcome.

Retro America

Kodak Moments

Boned Jello

Jodi Lou also sent this retro look at "America Way Before the Obamunist Attack - Early Kodachrome Images" I've seen many of them before, but not all, and the narrative is value added.

* posts are in descending order, so you don't know what today's theme is yet.  It's 'Only Happy Stuff"

Today is Happy Day.

Stuff besides congress that stinks

Boned Jello

It's Saturday, and we're still under the Obamunist occupation.  Remember that movie, with some Italian comic who tries to cheer everyone up in the concentration camp (that I didn't see)?  That's what I'll do today, unless I change my mind.  Say, did you hear about the asteroid that crashed into Capitol Hill?  Ha-ha, just kidding.  That would make us sad.  Here's one from Jodi Lou.

An elderly couple are attending church services.

About halfway through, she writes a note and hands it to her husband. It says, "I just let out a silent fart, what do you think I should do?"

He scribbles back , "Put a new battery in your hearing aid.."