Sunday, May 02, 2010

Easily started ...?

What is the Best Engine Ever?

Boned Jello

*smacks head*




You. Look. Mahvelous!

Boned Jello


"Notice how they ain't marching in Arizona"

Bullshit Alert

When you own the media ..
Administration Deploys Defense of Oil Spill Response
Roll Call
May 2, 2010, 12:29 P.M.
With President Barack Obama traveling to the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, the administration deployed top officials to all of the major news talk shows to reinforce the theme that the federal response to the catastrophic oil spill has been as prompt and effective as possible.  

Maryland Crabs


Boned Jello
Hucker brought over a bushel of the first steamed Maryland crabs of the season last night. I say without exaggeration that they were the fattest, sweetest crabs I've had in my life. Nothing more needs saying. Oh, this also happened to be Cinderella's very first taste of crab.  She's hooked. Oh, there is no comparison to the tasteless Louisiana crabs that we get around here during the off-season (not to mention that Louisianans BOIL their crabs. AWK!). 

Quote of the Week

Boned Jello
When I told my 17-year-old daughter Obama was involved in a sex scandal, she asked "Who's the lucky guy?"

I'm SO damned proud of her. -  SFAOV Sgsaur

Deuling Americans

Sheriff Joe
Where are you?

Boned Jello

What Obamunists see:
People make their way north on Broadway Street during a march and rally for federal immigration reform and a protest against Arizona's controversial immigration law, in Los Angeles Saturday, May 1, 2010. Activists said outrage over Arizona's controversial immigration law "awakened a sleeping giant" Saturday as rallies demanding federal immigration reform kicked off in cities across the country.
What moderately intelligent people see:
Activists in Los Angeles use feigned outrage over Arizona's courageous immigration law to  unwittingly entice a million illegal Mexican wetbacks into the open where they easily could have been herded into tractor trailers, and deported.  Instead, outraged Americans view graphic evidence of the  illegal votes Barbara  Boxer is counting on to keep her in the U.S. Senate.