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Is this the urinal?

Der Kerl ist von San Francisco


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Slices of Meat

The CIA shutters a program designed to track the al Qaeda threat emanating from Iranian soil.
Why?  Nobody knows. (Jug-ears knows)

Kristol: I would not discount Sean Bielat's chances of ousting  Barney Frank.

Puerto Rico, the 51st State?
Congressional Democrats are trying to add to their numbers by rigging the political system in favor of Puerto Rico statehood.
("Filthy" is NOT too harsh a word to describe these filthy bastids)

California Assembly OKs food stamps for drug felons

Boned Jello

Oliver North Confirms Big Government report: Mullah Mohammed Omar Captured
Execute him P.D.Q.

Blank Pamphlet

Tim W

PI Vietnam

Politically Incorrect Guide to
The Vietnam War

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Marc Miller sent a very enthusiastic memo about this book, and I will be reading it ASAP.  (Make sure you select book edition, if that's what you want).

Military WTF?

Thank God
This is all a dream I'll soon awake from

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Whew, had me going for awhile, but this gave it away.  I'm dreaming that Obama's military came up with a medal for not doing something, or “courageous restraint."  *snort*  Oh no!  That means that I could have had my way with that hot checkout clerk at Giant just now, and it wouldn't matter to anyone.  Right there on the conveyor belt!  Crap, I'm  going back there - unless I wake-up earlier of course. Oh please-please please.  Just 5 minutes more. But,  I can't wait to see who really is the president today.In this dream it's some Chicago pimp -- details fuzzy-  but JFC it's horrible.  Nationalized the auto, banking, and health care industries, plus some other shit. Oh man, I didn't remember her having a big nose ... .

Athiest Sex

Lunch Fun

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Wicked Thoughts;  see also,  Top Ten Commie Jokes.

Hawaii to US - STFU!

Hawaii's anti-'birther' bill becomes law

Frank Davis Marshall, Karl Marx, Bill Ayers

After grappling with the legality of the legislation-- making sure that it did not hurt the public's access to any other government records -- Gov. Linda Lingle (R-Hawaii) has signed into law a bill that protects state employees from having to answer harassing requests about President Barack Obama's citizenship.

The new law, Act 100, allows state agencies a limited exemption from Freedom of Information requirements when duplicative requests for information are made by the same person. Although the law covers all agencies, the measure targets people who repeatedly request a copy of Obama's Hawai birth certificate.

That's still an unwelcome precedent, but according to state employees the requests were just out of control.

The logic here is just staggeringly contemptuous, like everything else Obama. Just last week, more than two years after questions about Obama's birth hospital surfaced, Hawaii's governor established Kapi'olani Hospital in Honolulu as the holy place.  No documentation, just a declaration.  Obama Himself spilled over thin blue lips that he was born at  Queens hospital.  Stab me in the freaking liver, why don't you? 

Obama Explained by Jon Voight

Jon Voight

Thw Greece Trap

The We're-Not-Europe Party
The bill comes due for a life of fairness at the expense of growth.

Dan Henniger's WSJ article "The We're-Not-Europe Party" set me to thinking.  I bet that very few of us understand why Greece's financial collapse is important to us, or what caused it?   I've cobbled together a rudimentary package that will answer these questions in less than 20 minutes time.  (Note: As I grow older I am convinced that anything more than rudimentary becomes someone's self-serving excuse, so KISS is good). Let's begin, as did I,  with the video of Henniger's article

(print edition is here).
The Greek Economy Explained
Greece Hates Business

If you want to understand the reason, as good a source as any is the annual World Bank "Doing Business" survey for 2010. The spark for this financial crisis has been decades of overspending and cooking of the public books, but the survey reveals the underlying causes of the Greek disease.

In terms of overall ease of doing business, Greece comes in 109 out of 183 countries around the world. It is dead last among the 27 members of the European Union as well as the advanced economies in the OECD. You have to go up 30 slots to find the next worst EU performer, Italy. The U.S. ranks fourth and Singapore is first.

Note: The way we're headed, California's "We're # 1" will become a national cry.


We Don't

While we root for Europe’s success, because a strong European economy benefits America, it’s worth nothing that the EU was created to be an economic competitor to the United States. Therefore, while it may be appropriate for the EU to pay for these bailouts, the same logic doesn't apply to America. President Obama should extricate the U.S. from the gathering storm of European bailouts which will only delay the fiscal reforms that are necessary for long-term recovery.

Even at this late hour, the Obama administration has considerable power to stop the U.S. from going down this ruinous road. Under current IMF rules, the United States needs only one other IMF member to oppose the bailout to defeat it. Therefore, we are calling on President Obama to publicly oppose the $145 billion Greek bailout, and refuse to participate in any larger European bailout which may be forthcoming. [continue]

Quiz Tomorrow


Welfare surge kills initiative

Welfare surge kills initiative to prosper
DUH! Equivalent Of:
Gun Control Does Not Lower Crime Rate

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America is rapidly turning its safety net into a comfortable cocoon.

President Barack Obama's 2011 budget contains a welfare surge that will raise social spending by 42 percent above 2009 levels, according to an analysis by the Heritage Foundation. State and local welfare spending will total $953 million.

The goal is to close the quality of life gap, so that nobody in America is too prosperous or too poor.

In the process, the federal government risks making the dependent class even larger by destroying the basic incentive to work.

Already, landscapers say they can't compete with unemployment checks to fill jobs that pay $10 to $12 an hour. Jobless benefits now stretch to nearly two years, allowing some laid-off workers the luxury to refuse job offers. Similar generosity in Europe has institutionalized the jobless rate at twice the U.S. level.

The Detroit News Continued:
Why is this news?  Several years ago the WSJ did a piece on Britain's welfare system, aka "the dole."  A sociologist wanted to find out why initiatives to raise graduation rates were failing miserably.  He surveyed students about what they aspired to if anything was possible;  those whose father was on the dole overwhelmingly answered,"Be on the dole like me dad." 

Lane Bryant Whine

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