Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Al Gore. Sepaku. Qucickly.

The death spiral continues,
Boned Jello

Sarah's Stalker

joe mcginniss agonistes

Verum Serum's   Stalker Joe McGinniss Reveals His Cards  is worth the read.  Here, referring to a Washington Post article, a telling quote.

By being here, I have learned things, and I’ve gotten an insight into her character, into her ability to incite hatred, that before I only knew about in the abstract.

"So stalker Joe knew about her “ability to incite hatred” before this, but now he really knows?"

Then, a comment by daddy strikes gold.

Joe McGinnis
  1. daddy

    McGinnis first came to Alaska in 1976. In an interview with the ADN (Anchorage Daily News) on 22 May 1976, he discussed his latest book, “Heroes”:

    As Joe McGinniss tells you in his new book “Heroes”, there aren’t any.

    “I had a theory” McGinness writes “America no longer had national heroes as it once did because the traditional source of heroes had dried up.” Because of Vietnam, because of WaterGate, the computer, television, social upheaval, and general disenchangement, modern men have feet of clay.

    McGinniss went on a personal search for heroes, to meet William Westmoreland, Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern, Daniel Berrigan, Joe Hooper,..William Styron and others.
    Rising out of interviews with potential heroes, former heroes, and might-have-been-heroes is McGinniss’s conclusion: “There are no heroes because there are no heroic acts to perform”…

    The book is an outward search of the people beneath the hero myth, but it is also an inner search, to peel away his own fears and frustrations and come to some self-understanding.
    He chronicles much of his life for the reader and plots his own self awareness journey. As McGinniss tells it, he grew up in Rye N.Y, as the only son of an alcoholic mother and a father who didn’t know how to behave as one…Then at 26 he found himself bewildered at the course of his life, married with three children, but in love with another woman…

    snipped text

    So according to McGinniss’s own theory, you cannot be a hero in America if you let the Press get close to you, so therefore Sarah Palin let me get close to you since I’m the Press, and if you don’t invite me in kindly to tear you down as a hero, then you are inciting hatred, just like Neil Armstrong and Bob Dylan who wouldn’t talk to me either so that I could personally tear them down.

    McGinniss strikes me as that cartoonish bad guy (Syndrome) in the Pixar movie “The Incredibles.” He has a desperate personal condition because he’s not a hero, therefore he purposefully goes out to destroy real heroes since he isn’t one himself and he doesn’t want real heroes around to remind guys like himself that he’s not one. He’s a psychological mess.

Just another drunk Boston Irish democrat, wot?

Transporteras iväg på en dröm

I’m just putting this up
because of the title. Honest.

Second Click Bonus
25 degrees and my skin is tinged with the colors pink and red. There is something boring from the beginning but has now become a nice little tradition, and a reminder that summer is here. I go out, without sunscreen, then wake up the next day and looks like a pig. It's really not easy being pale skinned.


e-C's puzzle puzzle
aka "The dog ate my homework"


Only 4 pieces missing. Not so bad.




Boned Jello

I did ask about her dogs, but she quickly - too quickly, ahem - answered with the defense that her Pit Bulls were busy "gnawing on stray trespassers."  Dogs eating puzzle pieces is not unheard of. 

What's this about?

It began with my asparagus sammich invention, and an inquiry about how I'm able to keep asparagus (and spring onions) fresh for two-weeks.  If you didn't lose any pieces, you'll see the secret.  Snipping the bottoms, and refrigerating in water; another of my inventions. 

PS - Maybe someone who finished the puzzle will replace the 4 pieces e-C lost never received?

You're welcome. 


Sue 'em!

The Kompleat Obamacy
Obama administration moves to distance
itself from BP on oil spill response

Ass in a hole

Four days after conducting his Alexander Haig-ish "I'm in charge here" press conference, Teh Him is lawyering up.
Struggling to convey command of the worsening Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the Obama administration is taking steps to distance itself from BP and is dispatching Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to the Gulf Coast to meet with federal and state prosecutors. The Holder trip could signal that the environmental calamity might become the subject of a criminal investigation. [Full]
So there it is.  Obama and Democrats see this as tax revenue opportunity - that's what this is about. Why the hell not bring in the lawyers? We let them make strategic and tactical military decisions; maybe they can plug the phuking hole too.

ASIDE: I can't get "punks" out of my head.

The Obamacy

Billed for missing military gear

Gary Pfleider

Military administrative SNAFUs are the stuff of legend, but this is coming from an Administration that wanted to charge Pfleider, and others,  for his hospital care too. 
Gary Pfleider, a former Oregon National Guard soldier, was shot by a sniper while on patrol in Iraq in September 2007. He has only vague memories of the event, but now must live with a permanent reminder -- a brace he'll have to wear on his leg for the rest of his life.

"I remember grabbing a hold of my leg, and realizing I had blood on my hands," he said. "And from that point on until I got loaded onto the Stryker was just a big blur."

Three days after he was shot, Pfleider received a Purple Heart.

Almost two years later, he received a bill from the military for missing equipment.

The sum of the bill, which includes interest, is $3,175. It itemizes a list of gear the military issued to Pfleider that did not come back with his unit in 2008. The lists includes clothing items, canteens and grenades. [Full]

Bombs Away!

Hey Kim, I can see your house.
This has to be driving him (more) crazy

Bombs Away!
Kim Jong-il's house in Pyongyang /Google Earth

Next: The Titanic?

Boned Jello

Israel: We are ready
for next Gaza ship

Boned Jello
I'm Dyin' If I'm Lyin'

Israel's Army Radio reported that the MV Rachel Corrie, a converted merchant ship, would reach Gazan waters by Wednesday.