Monday, June 07, 2010

Let's get together

Turn your hobby into a hobby-horse

I want to meet the person who engages either (roll) of them.  Or read the book I know is there.

He's not even Japanese

Palestinians: Guilty

72% ignore lame-stream agit-prop
Who is primarily to blame for the deadly outcome of the raid on the aid-carrying ships?

Boned Jello

Who is primarily to blame for the deadly outcome of the raid on the aid-carrying ships - Israel or the pro-Palestinian activists on the ships?   
  • Israel
  • Pro-Palestinian activists
  • Not sure

 Of those likely voters polled by Rasmussen, who knew what year this is and could answer a simple yes/no question, 72% blamed Pro-Palestinian activists, 28% Israel. In polling/voting, I see 28% as the magic number.  That is, if Joe Stalin ran for president, he'd get 28% of the vote.  Now, here's my poll.

If an Iranian gunboat escorts the next "Aid to Hamas" vessel to Gaza, what would you like Israel to do?
Stop the "Aid" ship. If the Iranian boat interferes, sink it.
Sink it no matter what
Ask President Obama if they can defend themselves
Board the Iranian ship, capture the crew, strip them naked, and let female IDF members ridicule their nads, and walk them around on a leash.
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Hardware Poster

Restoration Hardware II

MM asked about posters, but what I posted this morning was a low res quickie,  not conducive to enlargement.  I went back and started from scratch.  Voila!  Zazzle sells them for $9.95, $13.96, and $19.95. Or, just print this one.

Giant Slurpee

No, not a metaphor for the Republicans
draining the Democrat Party's mojo ..
... we had been trying to work out why the pool had been draining so quickly for weeks but couldn't find a leak anywhere.  [story]

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Saddams WMDs

Satellite Photos Support Testimony
That Iraqi WMD Went to Syria

The history books on this issue shouldn’t be written just yet.

DonM - "I have seen the sat photos of Iraq and Syria but this narrative helps put it in perspective."

Mrs. Waxman?

Retouched Photographs

Reagan couldn't what?

Today's GOP could snub even Reagan
The party has become so conservative that Whitman and Poizner would call the iconic Republican 'just another liberal politician.'

Boned Jello

If  the Liberal brain was wired to comprehend war, free markets, or Ronald Reagan, they wouldn't be Liberals. They ought then steer clear of those areas.  An assertion that Renaldo Maximus could not get elected, let alone get the Republican nomination today, is as far as any reader needs to go.  Unless the reader is looking to poke the author in the eye with a sharp stick dipped in Obama feces. Ahem.  A commenter here recently attributed to Thomas Sowell this anecdote.

When asked what he would like to explain to Liberals, he replied "Nothing because they would not listen anyway."

Solder that.  Another commenter to this LATIMES revisionist heap, freedml, nevertheless gives it a never-say-die try.

freedml at 6:32 AM June 07, 2010

Ridiculous premise, George.  So what if spending ballooned with Reagan as Governor.  When compared with the growth of the state at the time, the increases would be mostly automatic, the remainder being explained by the legislature's penchant for spending.  It's always been tough for a California Governor to reign in spending.  And, as for spending as President, expanding  defense spending leading to the self-destruction of our greatest enemy, the Soviet Union, doesn't count.  No matter what, Reagan would still be accused by the liberal media of being asleep at the switch for taking naps and of being a Simpleton for his clear view of 'right and wrong.'  If you want to attack a Republican for not being Conservative, any other Republican President in the last generation or two would be a much better choice.

Nobel Peace Prize stuff, that.

Wearing a P Cup

Maybe dads ought not babysit
even if he is a genius

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Banana Timeline

We Asked For It

President Barack Obama is poised to increase the U.S. debt to a level that exceeds the value of the nation’s annual economic output - more

So much for the Keynesian economic solution the Obamacy brought back.  Thanks, shitheads.  This much out of control debt will never, ever be repaid.  Solution?  A world war.  Hug your kids and grandkids; build good memories.  Here's the real Laffer.

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