Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Natural Born Killers

small print: $966.7 million tax dollars given to abortion mills
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Tain't right, but it is Craptacular!

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Pillars of Salt Alert

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I blame the Internet.

Twits Together

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Laurie David, Sheryl Crow and Al Gore were made to be together.

Obama the bore

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 Immediately after Obama delivered his address from the Oval Office about the efforts to contain the Gulf oil spill, Jen Rubin sent me an e-mail that included the highly technical political science term, ‘zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.’ - A Credibility Gulf

Megan Fox does herself

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The inimitable CPO Colonel Casca, BA writes:

Rodger, I find this disturbing.  Probably because it rings true.

Behind Obama

Did Bill Ayers Aspire To
Be America’s Pol Pot?

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Bill Ayers' Office Door at the University of Illinois

Never ask a question you don't know the answer to, wot? Via News Real Blog, another look at Bill Ayers' role in planning the murder of  25 million Americans deemed beyond reeducation.  I've yet to find a single acquaintance who's aware of this Weather Underground plan by Obama's friend and mentor.  For the same reason, I suppose, that none of them ever heard about John Kerry's involvement in the planned assassination of hawkish United States Senators.  Drive-by media news filtering. 

Site comments are good, and to the point, i.e. - 

george rennit · 1 day ago

So lets say that a radical marxist gets into the presidency. Suppose he talks about the control of information, even telling Americans what they should and should not listen to? A president who has a questionable back ground, and connections to known terrorists, and anti-American radicals. A man who professed the creation of a civilian army or police force directly under him. A man who is a known 20 year member of an anti-American religious organization. A man who has demonstrated numerous times that he sympathizes with those who conspire to destroy us. I could go on, but the question that begs to be asked, is how could a man like this become a president? Beyond that, what would any us be willing to do to stop him, beyond talking about it at the local watering hole. I don't think even the most informed among us, the staunchest supporters of freedom among us are really and truly prepared. We count on elections, take them for granted as a means of defeating what we are against. The unthinkable may be coming to your neighborhood or town. Do we have the resolve of our founders if deemed necessary?

Douglas · 1 day ago

I often wonder if liberals and conservatives can co-exist. I don't not think of this lightly. People such as this who calously can plot the murder of millions should be locked away as psychopathes, but we employee them to teach our young. I have never been more ashamed of a country I spent 20 years in defense of.

I think liberals and conservatives can't coexist simply because we have radically opposing views of what it the role of government. Most won't admit this but deep down they are communist and wouldn't mind a proper holacast of the right people. Think about the anti-rich things they come up with and the anger they generate with them.

I've been told by some liberal teachers that Kuwait was wrong becuase the average citizen make 60,000 a year. Was he saying that the rich deserve to die and be mutalated? What about John Kerry's statement that re-education camps weren't that bad? Now finally we have a president that is associated with a man who thought about killing 25 million people because they ddn't agree with his views. I can't understand why they would not acknowledge this as something bad. Have you ever heard a condemenation of any of these groups from people on the left?