Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Muslim Stripper

Why Muslim Strippers Are So Rare

Caution: very fuzzy boobage depicted

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Rubber Necking

Steeling Defeat

Today's Michael Steele Brainstorm
“... severe cut in money originally budgeted to help state
 parties identify and get voters to the polls on Nov. 2
We have a great opportunity to take the House and Senate, but now with this kind of financial kick in the pants we may not have the resources to pull it off," a senior member of the Republican Party's national governing body told The Times, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

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The solution to this long-standing problem of GOP incompetence is easy.  My preference would be to turn the party over to Sarah Palin to remake entirely, with fresh people with fresh (read "tea party") ideas.  Absent that, and likely more palatable to weak sisters, is to turn the party over to Karl Rove, with the caveat that nobody who served in the Bush Administration (either one), or was a Speaker of the House, is allowed in the building. Victory follows.

The Chicago Way

Sharron Angle Campaign
Gets a Warning
What follows is a non-verbatim account of an interview with Mr. X. His exact language is in quotes. Mr. X was deeply involved in Chicago Machine politics for many years. He has intimate knowledge of those responsible for manipulating the Cook County electoral process toward the outcome intended by the Machine. He eventually went undercover for the FBI and testified in trials that resulted in multiple convictions. He now lives outside Illinois. Mr. X has reason to believe that Nevada GOP Senatorial Candidate Sharron Angle, who is running against Sen. Harry Reid, will face a level of corrupt electioneering practices equal to what he witnessed for many years in Chicago. This is his warning to the Angle Campaign. -

Boned Jello

I posted this Bartle Bull video in the midst of our Fourth of July reverie, so I fear it didn't reach a wide audience. It's part Amy Proctor's comprehensive look at voter fraud and intimidation.  I'm embedding it again because it is so apropos to the Big Story.  Below, some snippets from the American Prospect story.  

The first thing the Angle Campaign has to do is scrub the voter registration list and get the dead people, the people who have moved away from Nevada, and the other fictitious voters off the list.

"There are thousands of them there."

In the 2008 election, ACORN's Las Vegas office got raided by the police in early October.  Its people were charged with 26 counts of voter fraud and 13 counts for compensating those who were registering voters; they're felony charges.  In August 2009, a Nevada director for ACORN pled guilty to conspiracy to compensate workers for registering of voters.  

Just because ACORN was busted in Las Vegas doesn't mean that voter fraud is over there.  In fact it's the opposite. To think otherwise is "crazy."

"And I'm sure there are plenty of groups out there who will take money to register phony voters."

Angle's supporters have to find the phony names on the voter registration list. There'll be thousands of them, many of whom will be voting by absentee ballot.

"In Chicago in every election there are many absentee ballots and a lot of them are sent in by Precinct Captains, or by someone associated with the campaign." (continued)

Looks likeObama has some Hillary DNA

Is the Gulf spill connected to Algae Fuel?
Obama to make money from the disaster


Charlie, we hardly know ye
"Any ex-military officer who affiliates with the Democrat Party, in any capacity, may be viewed as being without conscience or virtue." - Le vrai roi de la France

Boned Jello

Exploring space didn't even make the top three things Obama wants Bolden to accomplish. The other two are "re-inspire children to want to get into science and math" and "expand our international relationships," Obama tasks NASA with building Muslim self-esteem 
Like Marine fighter pilot/Astronaut John Glenn before him, it appears Charles Bolden has brokered his soul in service to a self serving, anything but patriotic, scumbag president.  What, not harsh enough?  Temperance is a virtue.