Friday, July 16, 2010

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Mystery Urinals

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Someone knows?


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About That Financial Reform 'Victory'

That line did spur Tennessee's Bob Corker to rush into "bipartisan" talks, giving Democrats ammunition against his fellow Republicans. And in the end it proved enough to lure the GOP's weaker links—Massachusetts's Scott Brown and Maine's Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins—into Mr. Obama's trap. But that was it. All the forces of the White House's populist fury against Wall Street couldn't net it more than six House and Senate Republicans in total.

That's because, like stimulus and health care, Democrats turned the financial regulation bill into a monstrosity. What started as a promise to streamline and modernize the financial system turned into 2,300 pages of new agencies and new powers for the very authorities that fomented the financial crisis. The bill is laden with uncertainty and brimming with costly regulations on small businesses. Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank made it easy for Republicans to pronounce their bill more Obama Big Government—a "Main Street
You'll note that in today's postings I've mostly  relied on others to supply the dialogue.  That's because I'm virtually tongue-tied, so to speak, by the sheer magnitude of this government's brazen attempt, now a fait-accompli, to destroy my country.  There's been a van parked outside my house for several days now. The sign says :Acme Gas & Electric.

<thought bubble>I think it's Holder's people waiting for me to  urge people to grab, not pitchforks, but automatic weapons and neutron bombs, and head for Washington.  There ain't no nice way to undo this stuff anymore.</bubble> 

 I'm not going to say it, but I can think it.

Elected for life too.

The Staggering Ignorance and
Stupidity of Sheila Jackson Lee

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The DOJ's Grand Cyclops & Black Panthers

Eleven months after the story breaks ...
 the Washington Post reports on the New
Black Panther voter intimidation story.

Holder had to Blow Shabazz too.

 Jennifer Rubin (Eric Holder's Justice Department- It's all politics, all the time) has a somewhat different take.

3,6 Richter

Mild earthquake felt across region

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The bastids found my rocket launcher stash

I don't know what "mild" is, but our house shook.  What?  You don't know who Edgar Cayce is?

Monopoly Money

I'll trade you 6 Obamas for a Hula-Hoop

The Debate has re-STARTed
The weaknesses of President Obama’s New START treaty with Russia are finally starting to surface in Washington. On Monday, Mitt Romney weighed in against the treaty in a Washington Post column. The former Massachusetts governor raised concerns previously aired by Amb. John Bolton (in National Review), by the Heritage Foundation’s Dr. Kim Holmes, and — in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — by former undersecretaries of state and defense Bob Joseph and Eric Edelman.

lower left - Ike aboard the USS Canberra 1957

Yesterday, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), reacted with a column that, after attacking Romney personally, merely ignored or dismissed (rather than disproved) Romney’s objections.

First and foremost, Romney objected to START on the grounds that it would impede America's ability to complete a global ballistic-missile-defense system. The evidence supporting this concern is overwhelming. Article Five of the treaty explicitly prohibits the conversion of former ICBM silos to the purpose of missiledefense; the Russians have publicly stated that the treaty limits America’s discretion to complete ballistic-missile defense, and the preamble of the treaty explicitly links reductions in offensive capability to reductions in defensive systems.

Those who think the preamble unimportant should consider the words of Russian general Yevgeniy Buzinsky, chief of the International Treaty Directorate in the RussianDefense Ministry:
We have buried you camrades