Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For just a moment .. Ahhhh!

My inner dyslexic gave me a momentary flutter

Boned Jello


Eric Holder's Outrage du jour:
Will Sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio Next Week

Boned Jello

Michelle's Spanish Vacation

Taiwanese Animation
 Michelle's Spanish Vacation

You won't need a translator

via Weekly Standard

Wait -  they did Jet Blue Flight Attendant too.

Eraser Board Fun

A nice HOPA calls it quits

Jodi Lou

Seperate but Equal

Mulsim Gays and Liars

A bar that caters to Muslim gays

I haven't watched Gutfeld for some time, for no particular reason.  His idea here, to open a gay bar next to the Ground Zero mosque, in order to bridge the gulf between Muslims and gays, is priceless.  He prefaced his remarks by saying, "if they own the land, and are not breaking any laws, then who can stop them?"

Well, that's a problem. The developer lied when he said he owned the land. 

Playing Grown-ups

Obama’s Birthday Fun Lasts Five Days
Maybe He’s Really 13?


Michelle and the girls out of town, Obama’s never-ending fantasy week reminded me of the 1988 movie Big with Tom Hanks.

In the film, 13-year old Josh visits a fortune teller machine at an amusement park and makes a wish. He wants to  be grown up. The next morning he wakes up in the body of a 30-year old man. Unfortunately, he still feels and acts like a teen. He somehow falls into a job at a toy company, makes a very good salary and rents a fancy, Manhattan apartment. He and his best friend, Billy, furnish the place with bunk beds, basketball hoops, video games and generally  have a blast.

Boned Jello

It’s a lot like that at Barack’s place -the White House. The kid woke up and found out that he’s the leader of the best little capitalist country in the whole world. There’s nothing he can’t buy, there’s nowhere he can’t go and nothing he can’t do. There’s no adults in the House telling him ‘No.’  And a couple miles away his Democrat buddies and a few RINO’S keep giving in to his every demand. ‘Here’s a few trillion, little Barry, now go have some fun.’ [More]


Bathroom Cowboy

I don't, for some reason, grow a beard quickly.  This one's 2 weeks old.  In that length of time my three boys would have beards you could grab hold of. Hell, maybe even my daughter could too. Nah.   This is the longest I've ever gone without shaving at all.  MoSup does not like the look, but since every other body part has quit on me, I'm going to reward the lone hard worker by giving it free reign.  There's another incentive too.  I'm waiting for one of the western states most likely to assert state's rights; Texas, Arizona or Oklahoma, to do it.  When I show up to help out, I want to blend in;  not look like some effete city slicker. I think the cowboy hat (rollover) adds dignity and fearsomeness to an otherwise scroungy look, wot?  Being a bathroom cowboy is better than being a bathroom athlete, what with the shame, and all.

Exit Chutes

Give me a Ma Deuce and an exit-chute.

Boned Jello

I'm appreciating how Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater felt when he went ballistic; cursed  passengers over the plane's intercom, then grabbed a six-pack before leaving via the emergency exit chute.  Three years ago we had retirement funds; The USA was strangling al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Iraq and Afghanistan; there was a sense of order.  I'm looking at this picture of a young,  pregnant Afghan woman.  She was publicly flogged, then beheaded by the Taliban for conceiving out of wedlock.  I want to use an exit chute.  Obamunists have irrevocably changed for the worse, not just our nation,  but the world.  Well into my dotage is no time, as MoSup reminds me,  to be consumed with thoughts of revenge,  lynching, and machine gunning.  Most frustrating, though, is where would I begin? I am not alone. 


The Bilbo Dildo

Meet Republican Brian Bilbo

Had the late Fred Allen gotten a load of him, his blowhard Sen. Beauregard Claghorn  may have had an empty headed side-kick named Rep. Brian Bilbo.  California amazes.  Watch here  as Bilbray sidles up with MSNBC's Ed Schultz, and confuses being born in the United States with the natural born citizen requirement to become president.  He later states in the original, "George Bush became president, didn't he?"

Chapter 11

Why we need to let states go broke

H ere's the key: The reforms must require that states abrogate their public-employee union agreements in the bankruptcy process, just as private corporations like Delta and Chrysler have done. The wage hikes, the work rules, the pension plans all go out the window.
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But, that was then

'the battle ... was won on
the playing fields of Eton'

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Why clowns should be neutered

It's genetic

Vladimir Ilyich Obama

"...  and punished Republican
dominated Virginia? "
Virginia stands to feel the most pain from defense cuts

It's likely to dwarf the effect of jobs lost at International Paper, Verizon Wireless, Cooper Vision, Smithfield Foods and USAA, said James Koch, economics professor at Old Dominion University and co-author of the annual State of the Region report.

If those previous closings were storms, Koch said, "this is going to be a hurricane."
Dangerous winds in JFCOM closure

Vladimir Ilyich Obama
Obama stirs the party faithful

Revenge. That's my read on yet another Obama initiative (see Utah land grab) that hurts a state that's entirely at odds with his style of government.  Virginia has been in the forefront of resistance to his health and immigration stands, and I see this as no coincidence.   But, that's just me.

Democrat Nation

Senate Democrats OK Amendment to
Allow Abortions at US Military Hospitals

When ex-President Clinton allowed abortions in military facilities from 1993 to 1996, all military physicians (as well as many nurses and supporting personnel) refused to perform or assist in elective abortions. In response, the Clinton administration attempted to hire civilians to do abortions.

Head Democrat Butcher Howard Dean