Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stam in the fkn liver!

Writin' for Andrew Dice Clay here boss -
"All over the country, stop cigarettes, stop fuckin' cigarettes. Up in San Francisco ... they passed a bill, you can't even smoke in the street. They say it offends people. But it's okay if you wanna butt-slam your buddy while waiting for the bus? You smack him in the face with your dick five or six times? Oh, this isn't offensive. You can smoke a baloney pony, but not a fuckn' Marlboro? Andrew Dice Clay ...  Oh - and now
you can smoke a joint at work, but
not a fuckn' Lucky in the courtyard?
Group: Prop 19 Would Mean Pot-Smoking at Work  
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We've all been there

calm before the storm

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Elif air ab tizak!

How do I swear in Arabic ?

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Sometimes we forget that
great granny was, er, comely.

He's back


Vaughn R. Walker - Punk

A biased ruling on gay marriage in California

U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker should have recused himself, but he had a legal and political statement he wanted to make.

Surprisingly,  from the LA Times

President Zero's Mosque Sponsors

President Zero Mosque "Cordoba House"
Obtains Sponsors

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Bards Ad

Rodge, why do you call Democrats scum?

Democrats in 5 words
Facing Ethics Charges, Rep. Waters
 Points Finger at Bush Administration

Internet Pr0n

or Begging?

Beer or Bacon?
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Advancing the goal of giving every word its own website.

Chocolate City, indeed

Former D.C. felons seek
to 'Ban the Box' on forms

Welcome to Chocolate City
(Actual greeting  on New York Ave. for several years)
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These men and women comprise a substantial voting bloc in D.C. and feel empowered by their turnout in the presidential election of Barack Obama.

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A primary goal is to "Ban the Box" -- eliminate the box on housing, employment and social service forms that asks whether the applicant has a criminal conviction or criminal record.

Merely asking the question violates the U.S. Constitution and opens the door for discrimination, former offenders say.

I feel like I'm working for ONION.  But this is real.  In case you're wondering why Democrats are so eager to confer statehood status on D.C., and gain the two Senate seats that go with it,  (in contravention of the U.S. Constitution), now you know.

Girl Snarks

You’ll have to guess which one is Michelle Antoinette.