Thursday, August 26, 2010

MSNBC ... what can I say?

Ed Schultz
Watch Ed Schultz go over the cliff ..

Read what made Ed Schultz cry

What you wish 4

This is too good
Michigan tea partiers launch surprise push

  LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser talks enthusiastically about welcoming tea party supporters into the GOP, but he wasn't planning to give them his seat at the state convention.

Michigan tea party supporters flocked to Republican party meetings across the state this month and won several hundred delegate seats for the Saturday state convention, including Weiser's. Now, the activists are positioned for an attempt to push the Michigan GOP further to the right and put hard-core conservatives on November's general election ballot.


Uh oh:
Top NRSC lawyer headed to Alaska to advise Murkowski?
Rumor: Al Franken hired as vote recount consultant

Boned Jello

There is a reason the Tea Party was able to establish a political  beachhead; the GOP is run by RINOS (Republican In Name Only), and  MFe)OSS  (Go-Along-to_Get-Along Rat Bastards - don't ask) that nobody trusts anymore. The NRSC claims this gambit is only a  courtesy call. Allahpundit thinks more along these lines.

Let me get this straight. After taking loads of abuse from the grassroots for endorsing Charlie Crist before Rubio’s campaign got off the ground, and with Murkowski already pointedly refusing to rule out a third-party bid if Miller’s (shrinking) lead holds up, John Cornyn and the NRSC are … sending their top lawyer to help her out? And framing it explicitly in terms of retaining incumbents?  Do they really have no idea of how bitterly ferocious the backlash will be among the Republican base — especially, but not only, among Palin’s supporters — if they’re seen as tilting the election to Murkowski? And how embarrassing it’ll be if they try to do so and fail and then get knifed in the back when she bolts to run as a libertarian? [There's more]

Don't mess with Texas

Texas fights global-warming power grab
Lone Star state won't participate in Obama's lawless policy

F or 16 years, the EPA allowed Texas to run its own permitting program to meet federal air-quality standards. But in May, the agency announced- out of nowhere - that the state is not in compliance with federal regulations. Even though Texas had met its clean-air obligations, the EPA announced it was taking over permitting.

The EPA, determined to move forward anyway, is attempting to rewrite the Clean Air Act administratively via a "tailoring rule," which would reduce the number of regulated sources. The problem with that approach? It's illegal. The EPA has no authority to rewrite the law. To pull it off, the EPA needs every state with a State Implementation Plan to rewrite all of its statutory thresholds as well.

Boned Jello

Not speechless.  Just enured.

The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy
Teaching without government meddling.

If you've wanted to home school, but doubts about your abilty in certain discplines kept you from committing, the Khan Academy  will largely solve your problem.   I'm thinking that this is the greatest teaching resource in the world.  The mind boggles.  Take a wander through the site, making sure to click on one of the courses offered, like basic mathematics, where this video was found.

Teacher unions will just swoon *panic attack* over this. 

cuzzin ricky

Commerce Clause and smug Liberals

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This is required seeing,
or you'll lose your place in line


Burgers and dead 'crats

Lunchtime Pleasers

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A poll  by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, conducted last weekend before Tuesday's primary, showed Rubio leading Crist 40% to 32% with Meek at 17%.

In Pennsylvania, Republican Pat Toomey has a 9-point lead over Democrat Joe Sestak, according to a new Franklin and Marshall poll. Recent polls by Rasmussen and PPP have put Toomey up by 8 and 9 points, respectively.

In California, Rasmussen shows Republican Carly Fiorina trailing Democratic senator Barbara Boxer by just one point, 44 percent to 43 percent. Prior to this poll, Boxer had a 3.5 percent lead over Fiorina in the Real Clear Politics average of polls.
[New Senate Polls in Florida, Pennsylvania, and California Show Republicans Surging]

April's Cow Bacon

    Tim W

President Prior

It seems the past two years
have only been a comedy sketch

Tom Smith


Where someone is wrong

Pelosi melting

Democrats privately fear House prospects worsening

Top Democrats are growing markedly more pessimistic about holding the House, privately conceding that the summertime economic and political recovery they were banking on will not likely materialize by Election Day.

In conversations with more than two dozen party insiders, most of whom requested anonymity to speak candidly about the state of play, Democrats in and out of Washington say they are increasingly alarmed about the economic and polling data they have seen in recent weeks. Politico

Why Democrats Will Keep The House

But the Democratic apocalypse isn't guaranteed just yet. In fact, senior Democratic strategists say they're not only likely to keep the House, but they believe the GOP won't come close to gaining the 39 seats they need to take over.

That's not to say Republicans have no chance of taking back the House. Indeed, for every argument Democrats make about their strengths, Republicans have a counterargument. But Democrats have a compelling case. Here are the four reasons Democrats shouldn't be counted out of the majority, and Republicans shouldn't start counting their chickens, quite yet: - Hotline on call

Mona Palin

Quotes of the Day
Political pundits suggest the outcome elevates Palin to unique status within the Republican Party.


I'll be rich!

I had a dream


I wish I'd been this quick-witted
when this happened to me. Wait for it.

Which brings to mind ... .

Bagel Tax

Hide and Reek
O UR "public servants" prefer to hide taxes so that they can spend our money without paying a political price. Everything from paycheck withholding to the absurd corporate income tax to undisclosed business-to-business taxes hide the true extent of taxation from the average voter. It is therefore a good and wonderful thing that this business, at least, is deflecting the irritation over a new tax (in the guise of an interpretation of existing law) toward the guilty parties responsible officials. More businesses should do the same. Tiger Hawk

Boned Jello

If you don't visit Tiger Hawk at least once a week, you're missing out.  He writes good prose, turns a good phrase, and is always interesting,  Today I am not so much impressed by the pictures (he regularly posts) taken from his Chicago office window, as I am jealous of that office space.   Sigh.

Retro Photographs

Paris Liberated: Rare, Unpublished
Photos (Not Found In a Brownie Camera)

Iconic Frenchman

Not everyone was happy of course.  France did have their own version of the Democrats, the Vichyssoise.

Rip Tide here boss!

Rising and Ebbing Tides

“S ixteen years ago, as the summer of 1994 came to a close ...  you know

In the summer of 2010, the news has been
...  you know

Obama's defenders point to the fact that Ronald Reagan's popularity sank even lower during his first term and argue that there's nothing wrong with this presidency that a good economic recovery wouldn't fix. -- you know

Obama, midterm elections and the 2012 race

Illegals *heart* illegals, I guess.

Obama Secretly GIVING
Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

The so-called "backdoor amnesty" for illegal aliens is no longer merely another bad idea from the Obama administration. According to the Houston Chronicle, the Department of Homeland Security is trying to dismiss thousands of deportation cases against "suspected illegal immigrants".
Boned Jello

The Chronicle reports the Obama amnesty effort began "about a month ago" in Houston, where the Department of Homeland Security now has five attorneys working full-time on this backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens. The amnesty program is expected to be rolled out nationwide soon.

In an effort to save the environment, the above  microdot contains the Barn Army White Paper "742 Actionable Crimes Committed By The  Obama Administration."  You're welcome.