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Thomas Sowell's Pessimism

 "Doomsters are a dime a dozen. But when a leading economist who's been called "the nation's greatest contemporary philosopher" sees serious trouble ahead, we'd better listen up. 

 Sowell sees the national equivalent of a "perfect storm," a gathering of "dangerous forces (that) have been building .. . for at least a half-century." 

    Yes, he says, our great nation has weathered many storms. But, he quickly notes, so did the Roman Empire before it collapsed. "Is that where America is headed?" Sowell asks upfront. "I believe it is. Our only saving grace is that we are not there yet - and that nothing is inevitable until it happens."......

    The Obama administration "is not the root cause of the ominous dangers that face this country at home and aboard," Sowell says. But "it is the embodiment, the personification and the culmination of dangerous trends that began decades ago. Moreover, it has escalated those dangers to what may be a point of no return.  [Sowell's Pessimism]

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Opinions about the nexus of that perfect storm are also a dime a dozen, and in my case free of charge.  August 9, 1974.  The Nixon  bloodless coup.   Sowell's fifty-year parameter takes us to JFK's election, in effect the beginning of The Great Society.  Hard to argue that too.

Secession is still the only course of action I can think of.  Things will still be tough, but at least "we" will have the opportunity to rebuild without the constraints and gloom imposed by statist government. And, we'll have hope where none now exists.

Anyone seen Kusak?

Voted Obama? Embarrassed yet?
ritchfield says he's received death threats due to the sign; people accuse him of hate speech and racism. He insists the billboard was for something more American in the name of discourse, conversation, and old-fashioned debate.
It appears the unhinged left poses a threat => al Qaeda.  Waiting for the media blitz.

A Cardboard Dry Run?

A Colossal DHS Error, or a
Tale of Two Terrorists Gone Awry?

I think, neither one Annie
This was a dry run as a prelude to a big attack. This is exactly why the stories are being changed to confound the public. [comment #10]
cardboard dry run

Fear of Flying

Lexington Green

I Think I See What Glenn Beck is Doing
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Birther's Good Catch

Out, damn'd spot
I try to ignore the birther movement unless it inducts someone important -- a congressman, for example. The (sigh) American Patriot Foundation's announcement that Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (ret.) has signed an affidavit supporting court martialed birther Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is actually a pretty big coup.

How wild is McInerney's statement? This wild: A Good Get for the Birthers.

Boned Jello

I read the Lt. General Thomas McInerney story (the One Nice Deb posted on), and let it slide because I've been down this road countless times, only to be disappointed.  Just now Grumpyunk :alerted me to this SLATE article; A Good Get for the Birthers.  Maybe the reason it's  so much on Obama's mind is that he knows this one has legs?  I want closure on this thing.   And gloating rights.

In a vacuum

OMG- Is that the Starlighters playing?
When's the last time you used a tube tester?
When's the last time you saw vacuum tube electronics for sale?

With real cacuum tubes!

That's right.  4 Watts for $140.00 at Woot.  Whereas today I love the smell of cordite, bourbon and cigar smoke,  I would dearly love to relive  vacuum tube smell, Canoe aftershhve, and Kathy Shinner's perfume.

Helen sensed that she'd wasted money on this fantasy

Helen sensed she'd wasted money on this fantasy

I am having difficulty getting started this morning.

Barry Gets Even