Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Epic Win!

Just Poetic

Mike Castle was ... the most anti-gun Republican in the House.

Boned Jello
The implications of [O'Donnel's]  win are huge, not only for the next session of Congress, but also in a potential lame-duck session later this year. Because this is a special election to fill the seat of Vice-President Joseph Biden, O'Donnell will take office immediately following the November election if she defeats her Democrat opponent.

Anti-gun congressional Democrat leaders seem intent on a lame duck session, but the addition of just a single constitutionalist to the Senate will go a long way towards stopping any gun control from sneaking through in the waning days of 2010.  [More]
This is, potentially, the stuff of Hollywood.  Pretty heroine overcomes backstabbing politicians in her own party; is elected to U.S. Senate to replace the corrupt Vice-President, and president of the senate, who breaks any tie vote.  Heroine's vote, for all practical purposes, renders him useless and saves nation.

That Charlie's a real swinger


“The slight edge Crist held over Republican "Tea Party" favorite Marco Rubio in August has evaporated and turned into a wide deficit as he courts what appears to be a fast- shrinking moderate vote.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll on Wednesday showed Rubio far ahead in the three-way race to succeed Republican Senator George LeMieux, with support from 40 percent of likely voters. Crist had 26 percent while Democrat Kendrick Meek had 21 percent.

Florida's U.S. Senate election is widely viewed as a referendum on President Barack Obama's handling of the economy, and Rubio appears to be landing knockout punches bashing Obama.
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Pass the popcorn

Icing on the cake


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In 2006 I wanted to register the domain name USA-USA-USA, and was surprised to find it  available.  Only later did I discover that I'd  actually registered USA-UAS-USA.  I made it a chant; a homage to my careless typing.   Now that it appears to becoming popular, maybe I can use that slime-bag what's-his-face lawyer to sue people who use it without permission.  Like this bakery.  Mmmmm. Free donuts.

New Democrat Logo

Democrats Ditch Flag for Daffy
"future of the party"

Boned Jello

    The Democratic National Committee has revamped both its logo and website in hopes of taking on a sleeker, less bureaucratic perception among voters.

    The re-design went live on Wednesday morning with an accompanying tag line: "Democrats: Change That Matters." In place of the former logo -- DNC in block letters filled with an American flag -- the committee opted for a capital D engulfed by a blue-band circle.

Kaine had touted a "major" announcement about the "future of the party" today, and this is it. Democrats have now taken Obama's car metaphor to its most literal possible conclusion: [MoreFun]

Truer words ....

Kicking the Status Quo to the Curb
No More Beltway Bozos


I don’t like the Democrats because they are statists. They are for big government and more taxes. They are also for mob rule. They want a democratic society, not a Republic. That is a disastrous recipe. Big government always leads to tyranny, democracy lacks the limited government structure of a Republic, which makes it harder for corruption to prevail. Democrats seem to love corruption. They wallow in it like pigs in their own dung. That’s why they seek to undermine our limited-government constitution at every point. You can go back to Tammany Hall right up to today to see their disregard for the rule of law. Rangel and Waters were merely caught. They are far from outliers.

Boned Jello

I dislike the Republicans because they don’t practice what they preach. They’re supposed to be the party of smaller government and lower taxes. But they are just like ’70s Democrats now. Aside from the Bush tax cuts, they’ve expanded government and spending to obscene levels. When the Democrats came into power they just made the Republicans look conservative by contrast.

Less terrible is still terrible. [James Hudnall  continued]

I'll swap you one liar for another one

Kerry In Line to Replace Clinton at State?

No, but your breath will smell like your boyfriend's underpants

Today's Mad Men Moment

Can you get a STD by swallowing sperm?

Tap another keg ma! There's gonna be a lynching.

'2010 is gone for Democrats'

2010 Is ‘Gone,’ Says Big-Time Dem

“He cannot save 2010,” the big-time Democrat is saying of Barack Obama. “It is gone. He must now concentrate on saving 2012. But the biggest fear of some of those close to him is that he might not really want to go on in 2012, that he might not really care.”

Read more Roger Simon :

2010 is gone for Democrats

I know what you're saying.

"But Rodge, we have to be careful about counting unhatched chickens."

Why? What if all this turns out to be a bust in November?   I will have had the thrill experience of a lifetime in anticipation of a wipe-out.  I'm grabbing the gusto here boss!  They owe me.

The Taitz Memorandum

You want what Mr. Reid????????????
Did you receive one?

Boned Jello

Me neither.  But "birther-in-chief" Orly Taitz did.
The invitation prompted Taitz to post a copy on her website under the headline "You want what Mr. Reid????????????"

"I have no fear of anything. I will ask him [about eligibility] on camera," Taitz told WND today. [Full]

WaPost Angst

Why Ruth Marcus finds
Christine O'Donnell's victory so scary

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I’m despondent.

From the Democratic point of view, the defeat of the moderate, well-known Castle turns what had looked to be a lost cause into a likely win. Keeping the seat in Democratic hands could be the margin of control in the Senate. So the folks who focus on electing Democrats and keeping a Democratic majority can't be blamed for breaking out the champagne over O'Donnell's win.

Not me, for two reasons.

First, I had thought the silver lining of this election year might be to produce a Senate with a more robust cadre of moderate Republicans. That caucus has pretty much dwindled to the two senators from Maine, with very occasional company from colleagues such as Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown and departing Ohio Sen. George Voinovich. It's awfully hard for a caucus of two to break with the party. 
Ruth Marcus
I pray my giddiness here is not like seeing in the brilliant light of a nuclear blast where I put my car keys.

High ProfileTwits

Winning wins you new friends

Newt Twitter- Angle will beat reid, O'Donnel will win in Deleware

This, friends, is Newt's official entry into the 2012 presidential sweepstakes.  I liked Newt better back when he led the charge.  Still, his transformation from establishment gain-sayer has been picking up steam for awhile now, and I can name many worse presidential aspirants out there Romney,Huckabee, but won't .

Arghhh cap'n - I shat meself

Has a new legend been born?
As soon as the first stack of [Marines] made our way into the bridge, their hands were up, their weapons were down, they moved to their knees and they were compliant,” Martin said. “At that point, they were pretty scared. One guy actually defecated himself. … He sh– his pants. I don’t know if that can go on the news or not, but that actually happened.

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The first wave of Marines from 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s maritime raid force approaches the cargo ship Magellan Star on Thursday in the Gulf of Aden. The ships' crew said pirates boarded the vessel. (Photo by MC1 David McKee/U.S. Navy) [story]

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