Sunday, September 26, 2010

That famous "moderate" Mike Bloomberg

Tonight's self lampooning story lede.
In Washington, a new advocacy group decries 'the tyranny of hyperpartisanship.' And powerful New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg throws his support behind candidates willing to reach across the aisle.
Boned Jello
That's from a LATimes story Tired of 'tea party' sniping, moderates organize
Stick a bottle of Scotch in Bloomberg's hand, unzip his trousers, and you have Ted Kennedy.  Okay, that does fit the description of a "moderate" Republican I guess.  What a hoot.

By the way, George Will has been doing yeomanlike work lately on behalf of the Tea Party.[George Will Schools This Week Panel on Tea Party Causing GOP Civil War]

"At the beginning of the year, the question was, will the Tea Party people play nicely with others and will they obey the rules of politics? Who's sort of not playing nicely?" asked Will.

"Mr. Crist starts losing the primary to a Tea Party favorite Rubio. He suddenly discovers that he's an independent and changes all his views overnight," he continued.

"Mrs. Murkowski loses a primary and suddenly discovers that she has a property right in her Senate seat and she's going to run as a write-in. Senator Bennett thought of that in Utah, Senator Castle in Delaware is thinking of a write-in candidate. Who are the extremists?"

How much for that saddle. Oh ...

Which witch Mo?

Has a lifetime of drugs and liberal hedonism left Maureen Dowd as dried up and useless as a leather shoe left under the desert sun for 60 years?
Two girlfriends of mine who lived in Los Angeles went to lunch one day at a chic restaurant. One was crying over a spilt romance. The sympathetic waiter appeared at the end of lunch to offer four lines of  cocaine on a silver tray. Don't even ask about ladies' rooms in the 70's.

-   Maureen Dowd Staying Alive Forever, October 22, 1997
Maureen Dowd under the makeup
Maureen Dowd
Yesterday we featured bitter liberal Mike Malloy telling Liz Cheney to "go plan your father's funeral,"  Today  it's aging harpy Maureen Down teeing-off on Christine O’Donnell.  Why is Mo exercised to the point of needing exorcism?  Because:
Boned Jello
  • Christine O’Donnell is endorsed by the Tea Party and had the temerity to beat  RINO Mike Castle who was a sure thing to beat old Marxist Democrat Chris Coons but now Republicans don't stand a chance because O'Donnel is at least as dumb as Sarah Palin and Christine is behind Coons in the polls and isn't all  this just a travesty?
So, we are to assume that this liberal cow wanted Republican Mike Castle to win Joe Biden's old senate seat?   And now, thanks to O'Donnell, a Democrat will take it?

 Nuh-uh. She's lashing out at shadows.

 Her world order is being dismantled by a movement that, more and more,  has as its figureheads a passel of conservative women!  Vital, lovely, and committed to an ideal and with ideas that have gone viral.  Women like she no longer is, if she ever was. She seems destined to serve out her days at a dying newspaper she helped kill, playing the roll once held by Helen Thomas. A cranky, angry, hateful, and inconsequential hag. 

By the bye, Mo, anyone who still champions the concept of Anthropogenic Global Warming is pretty much out of the game of passing judgement on anybody.  

Whe Arnie was still cool

Love the Clarabelle, Michelle

Michelle's hair-raising encounter
with the First Lady of Cameroon
As advertised on DRUDGE!

Love the Clarabelle, Michelle

Turning Word

Not Maryland, or he'd be dead and broke

Memo to the Maryland Legislature

Boned Jello

CLEARWATER, Florida — Knocked to the ground by a would-be robber, 83-year-old Charles Place defended himself — by pulling a gun.

 ....  Place was in a restaurant parking lot Wednesday when a man grabbed him from behind and tried to take his wallet. Place resisted and was knocked to the ground - that's when he pulled out a .25-caliber semiautomatic handgun. The assailant, Bryan Treloar, ran and was followed by a witness. Police caught up with him and charged him with attempted strong arm robbery. He was being held on $10,000 bail. Place, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, wound up with small cuts on his hand instead of dead and broke.  [Orlando Sentinel].

High Treason Signatures

Because Cancer Does Not Cure Itself

Then we find out that the DNC did NOT certify Obama as eligible under Article II – Section I of the Constitution, in 49 of 50 states. The DNC had only filed such certification in the state of Hawaii, Obama’s alleged birth place. The other 49 states received a Certification of Nomination which did NOT certify Obama as constitutionally eligible for office. DNC Failed to Certify Obama as Eligible in MOST States!

Cariba Bitter Chocolate

MAD MEN at Work

Roll-Over for Bonus Ad

Palin-Havel 2010

Here's yer "more inclusive"
Only the United Nations has the breadth of membership, the experience and the presence on the ground to effectively represent the world's people and their interests ... for the UN to fulfill its role at the center of global governance, it must be made stronger, more open and more inclusive. - General Assembly President Joseph Deiss

Barn Army recon photo 9-24-10

It's with only a modest measure of hyperbole that I suggest this. The complex located at 760 United Nations Plaza, NY,NY,  be treated as though it were Hitler's bunker, and reduced to rubble.  Double coupons if the council is in session at zero hour. 

While Democrats were able to remove Ambassador John R. Bolton, his ghost  remains in the presence of Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who here responds to Swiss cheese Deiss.

On the contrary, this is the time for international organizations, including the United Nations, to reduce their expenditures, make their administrations thinner, and leave the solutions to the governments of member states.   Vaclav Klaus.

Klaus, you'll remember, was also one of the few (only?) vocal international critics of the notion that any global warming is anthropogenic: In summation then;  BOLTON-HAVEL 2012