Saturday, October 02, 2010

Limabaugh/Family Guy

Rush on Family Guy

Eco-Freak Hell

10:10 mini-movie - No Pressure

In case you missed watching the British Eco-Fascists: Cut Your Carbon Emissions Or You'll Get Blown Up (Ace) video before it was pulled, here  ... .

It's a "+DVD- R"

Trick your friends

Boned Jello

On a flight from Indonesia via London

Reason #2 Obama hates Jews

Boned Jello

On his first trip to the United States, Barry Soetoro was seated on a plane with Shecky Mandel's Traveling Shofer Band

Is Barney in real trouble?

Good money chases out the bad
(anti-Gresham's law)
When's the last time Barney Frank had a challenger, let alone one who could raise $400,000 in September?
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I think a lot

Stuff I think I thought of first


Today's Such a Deal!
No really.  Send me $100 and I'll let you play your number on the

Mega Millions Lottery

twice a week for THE NEXT TEN YEARS!

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You're welcome

Shooting Lame Ducks

The Dale Peterson franchise is getting a little old IMO, but this Lame duck video gets the job done in humorous fashion.

Franken and Grayson

When life imitates idiots

Franken & Davis
Yesterday  reader "on prozac" brought yet another Alan Grayson video to my attention.  I almost skipped it, having already posted some of the Florida democrat's outrageous crap.  I did watch however, and truly thought it was a comedy skit like the Pete Tagliani/ Winfield Adcock skit  Franken & Davis (yes, that Franken) did on an early SNL show.  It's not; this is no parody.  

[ dissolve to Al as Tagliani, seated at desk ]

Pete Tagliani: Hi! I'm Pete Tagliani! I want you to help me unseat Winfield Adcock in the upcoming Fifth Congressional election, so I can go to Washington to slash taxes! Now, HOW am I gonna slash taxes? By making the FAT CATS pay their fair share! Now, I have here... [ he holds up a folder ] Winfield Adcock's 1968 tax return! A year in which he earned over $400,000... but paid... [ he looks ] twenty-six cents in income tax. Now this FAT CAT is RIPPING you off! And I say it's time we send a man to Washington... who's gonna work for the hardworking taxpayer like you! And I say... I'm that man. So vote for me: Pete Tagliani. You'll be glad you did!
[ fade to black, come up on "ADCOCK: He Hates High Taxes" screen ]

Announcer: The following is a paid political message by the We Need Adcock Committee.

[ dissolve to Tom as Adcock, seated in chair ]

Winfield Adcock: Hello. I'm Congressman Winfield Adcock, your representative from the Fifth District, and this year I'm running for re-election. Already, my opponent, Pete [ purposefully mispronounced ] Tag-li-o-ni... has stooped to the lowest level of mudslinging, by accusing ME of financial misconduct. [ reaches for a folder marked EVIDENCE ] Well, I have here... documented evidence proving my innocence. It is indeed surprising to hear charges -- SCURRILOUS charges -- such as these, coming from a man who's himself of low moral character! Mr. Tag-li-o-ni controls all of the city's massage parlors and porno houses, a position he's gained through his lifelong connections with the mob and the recording industry! I say vote for me, Winfield Adcock! I hate high taxes!
The anti-Grayson Commercial

Obama Pace Maker, er car

ObabmaCare Official Pace Car...

Boned Jello

I don't know where this e-mail originated, but it took some money to purchase this, paint it & haul it from Montana to Alabama . 

My friend saw this on I-65 in Birmingham AL a couple of weeks ago.  The truck is from Montana and they pulled alongside of it and gave driver big thumbs up.

He acknowledge us with a thumbs up.  Loved it!

Tim W

Tony Curtis & MM


Curtis will always be associated most with the cross-dressing Billy Wilder masterpiece Some Like It Hot, which co-starred Marilyn Monroe. After filming that, he said, on being asked what it was like to kiss Monroe: "It was like kissing Hitler." This sentence has become part of movie lore.

Today, he says: "I said it as a joke. I mean, it was such a darn stupid question, so I gave a stupid answer."

Monroe and Curtis also had a history. When they were both struggling in Hollywood in the early Fifties, the two became lovers. Their brief liaison is described by Curtis with unabashed detail.

"She found it hard to reach orgasm. We were both inexperienced, 22 or something. It was a messy business." When they worked on Some Like It Hot, he says she had "gone funny. Her mind was all over the place. She had lost confidence".

In one scene, Curtis and Monroe romance each other on the sofa of a yacht. "It was awful," he says. "She nearly choked me to death by deliberately sticking her tongue down my throat into my windpipe." Read more: