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 More gifts from a liberal culture
10 ridiculous lawsuits

7. Surfer Sues Over Stolen Wave


One thing all surfers hate is when someone “snakes” a wave that they were in a better position to ride. A California man once took this anger to the courts when he supposedly sued another surfer for “stealing a wave” that he believed was meant for him. The man alleged that he had endured “pain and suffering” as a result of not being able to carve up the surf, and attempted to take the wave thief to court. The case was eventually dismissed when the court stated that there was no way to put a price on the pain and suffering of being denied a chance to ride a monster wave.

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It's Okay now
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Boned Jello

By removing his arms I transformed this picture from morally objectionable to mercy scratch.

Reid, Crist and other Dildocrats

In Passing

Democratic Steve Driehaus voted to fund abortions along with Bart Stupak after both swore they would not.  Now he has requested that his opponent be stopped from putting up billboards that take him to task for that betrayal.  The Ohio Elections Commission (a subsidiaey of ACORN in 2008) will decide on October 14th.

Mason-Dixon: Rubio 42, Crist 27, Meek 21

Kathleen Supercilious unilaterally decides to whom Obamacare applies.

Rasmussen: Angle 50%, Reid 46%

 Voters in 12 of 12 Key Battleground Districts Favor Obamacare Repeal
Chief pollster Mark Penn said, “I was most surprised at the strong discontent with [the] healthcare [overhaul].  I thought that there was continued discontent but that it had moderated from what we’re seeing in these districts.”  Instead, Penn noted, “Most people actually favor repeal of the healthcare legislation, and that included 54 percent of the independents."  Even undecided voters aren't undecided about Obamacare:  Penn observed, "Undecided voters wanted the healthcare law repealed by 49 percent to 27 percent.”

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Krystal Ball is running for congress in Virginia as a Democrat Dildocrat

Krystal Ball - Dildocrat

Rainforest Shmainforest

People are always asking ..
Hey Rodge.  What do you do when you're just fed up?

I watch this:

Too many fish had to die

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Manly Leather Stuff for girls too

Rob's Manly Leg Pack
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AXE Hitler

Truly MAD MEN?
This is being passed around Euro blogs as a "banned" advertisement for AXE, Unilever's hugely successful male toiletries brand.  I'm having trouble believing it would have gotten so far as having to be banned,  but, well they are Euros. Don Draper would never have approved.

AXE Hitler

Twitter- y I vote donk

Why I'm Voting Democrat
Over at Twitter, a funny hashtag called #WhyImVotingDemocrat    has sprung up. So, here are the top 20 reasons, "Why I'm voting Democrat," courtesy of the
conservatives on Twitter. Tim W

(It'sstill going)

Boned Jello

20) I really want to experience Greece, but I hate traveling -- 
StickeeNotes <>
> 19) Because the GOP are Talibans. I don't vote for Talibans or Sharks with
> Hitler's brain in them. My 2 main rules -- AlanGraysonSays
> <>
> 18) Because I Demand the American Dreamand some other Sucker to pay for
> it... -- redostoneage <>
> 17) Because of three little words: Head injury. -- NotBobMcNair
> <>
> 16) They said they'd rob me last -- IMAO_ <>
> 15) Because we still have too many jobs in this country. -- Snaqwells
> <>
> 14) Because those Nazi & KKK loving Rethuglican Fascists are mean and call
> people names! -- johnhawkinsrwn <>
> 13) If democrats EVER get power in this country they'll end all war and
> close Gitmo -- NotBobMcNair <>
> 12) When I drive, I like knowing that my car was designed by lawyers and
> assembled by a union. -- iowahawkblog <>
> 11) Because basically, I'm too lazy to move to China... -- redostoneage
> <>
> 10) Why visit the 3rd World when I can live in it? -- tommccammon
> <>
> 9) Because we must never return to the Bush-Cheney nightmare of debt, war,
> and 7% unemployment -- iowahawkblog <>
> 8) Because the Soviet Union would have worked with the right people in
> charge & we're going to prove it -- johnhawkinsrwn
> <>
> 7) Voting for a black man excuses my rampant anti-semitism. -- tommccammon
> <>
> 6) Because Democrats care so much about poor people they want everyone to
> be poor. -- whotnaught <>
> 5) Because I believe this country is headed in the right
> direction...toward destruction. -- darrinyeager
> <>
> 4) Because I want to flaunt my vajazzled nether regions at the office,
> then sue you for looking. -- JennQPublic <>
> 3) Because Democrats fund programs for the mentally challenged, such as
> making them Speaker of the House -- iowahawkblog
> <>
> 2) Because Republican women are smart, gorgeous, witty and classy....and I
> hate them for it. -- Furrystoat <>
> 1) Because socialism is 0-58 vs. the spread since 1917... come on dude, it
> is DUE -- iowahawkblog <>

Stupid Connecticutters

The Nut Meh State

This is an update to yesterday's post on Dick Blumenthal.  The one where Linda McMahon asked him. "Dick, would you tell us how you create jobs?" Of course, since government can only create a business environment that discourages growth, something democrats excel at, it was an unanswerable question.   That didn't keep Blumenthal from trying.  All agree that he revealed himself to be an utter incompetent  Well, not all.  Rasmussen's poll yesterday showed that he widened his lead after that brilliant display, proving that Connecticut is only a Manhattan bedroom community, and just as hopeless.

Rasmussen: Blumenthal 54%, McMahon 43%

I have Faith

A Paean to Joe Sobran

Joe Sobran
For example, I used to play the simple card game WAR with my son. After a while, when he thoroughly  understood that the higher ranking cards beat the lower ranking ones, I created a new game I called GOVERNMENT. In this game, I was Government, and I won every trick, regardless of who had the better card. My boy soon lost interest in my new game, but I like to think it taught him a valuable lesson for later in life. [Joe Sobran]

Boned Jello

When I read last week that Joe Sobran had died, I went immediately to my Great Essay file to retrieve his Teach Your Child About Politics. Then I was distracted by something, which is easy to do these days. Ann Coulter's homage to him yesterday reminded me, and I just formatted and posted it.  I am pretty certain that you'll find yourself saving, or at least bookmarking it.   In her piece, Ann wrote:

Reading through some of his columns after he died and being reminded of what an eloquent writer Joe was, I realized that the best tribute would be to quote him extensively.

She does. I found her personal remembrances just as fun; e.g.

Ironically perhaps, I've often used a Sobran observation to explain why I have a greater affinity to Israel than to the Muslim world after 9/11: Watching a death-match fight on Animal Planet once, Joe said he found himself instinctively rooting for the mammal over the reptile. 

Easy reference:
  1. Teach Your Child About Politics
  2. No Ordinary Joe (Coulter)
Thanks Joe

Helping Jan Brewer prevail here boss

First Things First

Brewer make-over

One of the most outrageous things that's happened in this year of living outrageously, was the 9th Clown Court of Appeals ruling  allowing foreign countries — Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Chile — to join the Obamunist suit against Arizona's immigration law enforcement act.  I of course have exactly the right defense for Brewer, Arizona, and by extension the United States; but first things first.

When I went to Politico's story, I winced at the picture of Brewer that dominates the page.  I don't know what you see, but I saw a 66 year old woman trying to look like a high school girl playing beach blanket bongo.  GAH! Now that Brewer's playing high stakes poker, against the most powerful force in the land, she has to look the part.  I was thus compelled to give her a suitable make-over, and I ask you; which Jan Brewer are you most likely to pay attention to? 

5 or 6 crack whores