Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spark point

Republican congressional candidate says violent overthrow of government is 'on the table'

In a rambling exchange during a TV interview, Broden, a South Dallas pastor, said a violent uprising "is not the first option," but it is "on the table." That drew a quick denunciation from the head of the Dallas County GOP, who called the remarks "inappropriate."
It's always been on the table, mandated in fact if conditions exist.  That's the question people have to decide on. Someone who's head of the Dallas County GOP misspoke.

A Good Samaritan

An Emergency

Yesterday morning on my way into Jacksonville I saw a radical (CAIR) Muslim fall from the Buckman Bridge into the St Johns River. Being a responsible citizen, I informed the emergency services.

It's almost 10:00 AM the following day and they still haven't responded!

I'm starting to think I've wasted a stamp.

Tim W

Two Movies

The Man Who Wasn't There
The Maid

Boned Jello

I'm hot and cold on watching movies; right now I'm hot. Watched The Man Who Wasn't There yesterday, a film I'd never heard of!  A Coen brother's film, no less. With Billy Bob and Frances McDormand!  Sheesh.  I can see how some will find it too slow paced,  but I was spell- bound. Reminded me of  Body Heat in many ways, besides being in B&W.

The Maid is set (I think) in Argentina -  Spanish language and subtitled anyway.  "Comedic drama" is not the first description that comes to mind; not even "dark comedy,"though that'll  do.  The maid made me think of  what Beverly Sutphin ( Serial Mom) may have been like, before she really lost control.  Some overwrought Nimrod, of the type who still likes Obama's compassion no doubt, complained about animal cruelty; there is none. Also noteworthy, just about every adult is shown full frontal without having caused in me so much as a twitch (not that I ever would have been moved by dangles).  All in all, I give it the 3.7 that NetFlix predicted for Man Who Wasn't There, with the Coen's getting the  4.0.  I continue to be impressed over how accurately NetFlix is in suggesting what I'll like.  Kind of scary, actually.  Makes me think of a rat cage over my head.

Both movies are Instant Watch, which I did using ROKU, a device I still think is the best Woot thing I ever purchased.  ROKU is also adding HULU, so there's that; and the price looks like it's now in the $50 range.  Tell us what you think.

Occidentally ...

Occidentally: 'was looking forward to an imminent... revolution, where the working
class would overthrow the ruling class'

Guess Who


Obama echoes anti-Americanism
of Europe in calling voters stupid

But he'll beat some sense into you
Boiled down, the new Obama message to Americans is: you're too stupid to overcome your fears. To be fair, it's not entirely new. During the 2008 campaign, Obama was caught on tape at a San Francisco fund-raiser saying it was not surprising that voters facing economic hardship "get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them".

At a fund-raiser in Massachusetts this month, Obama spoke of Democrats having "facts and science and argument" on their side. As opposed, presumably, to the lies, superstition and prejudice that Republicans rely on.

This year, Democrats have embraced with gusto the notion that Republicans, and by extension anyone thinking of voting for them, are dimwits. Their mirth over the likes of Tea Party figures like Christine O'Donnell, the former anti-masturbation activist who once she had "dabbled" in witchcraft and is now a no-hoper Senate candidate in Delaware, seems to know no bounds.

In choosing California and Massachusetts, two of the most liberal states in the union, to demean ordinary Americans during election campaigns, Obama did not display a whole lot of his much-vaunted intelligence. But Obama's decision to plug Stewart's rally approvingly and appear on his show three days beforehand is even more foolish.
The (London) Telegraph- A Real Read

The thing about rats in a corner ...  it's now.

A wetback's wetback aunt

Obama: One Long National Nightmare


Dies wird kitzeln Sie Ihrer Fantasie

Dies wird kitzeln Sie Ihrer Fantasie
Dreaded German Dildo Man Apprehended


6,000 Bogus SIEU Voters Stricken

When a new voter registers in Colorado, the secretary of state mails a nonforwardable notice of disposition that the voter’s registration has been received. If the notice comes back undeliverable in the mail, then clerks deem the voter’s registration inactive within 20 days. [Denver Post]
Guess What?

Remember Maurice Schwenkler?  SEIU Friend and Outstanding Citizen (Under Obama's Alinsky Rules)

Who smashed 11 windows at the downtown Denver Dem HQ in an effort to discredit anti-Obamacare groups?
Colorado, it appears, has an army of SIEU thugs just like him, working their fraud.

A federal judge declined to force the secretary of state to reactivate approximately 6,000 new voters whose registrations were canceled under Colorado's 20-day rule.

In a decision issued Monday, Senior U.S. District Judge John L. Kane (Carter)  denied a motion for a preliminary injunction that was requested by several labor and voting-rights groups.
Voting-Rights Groups?

The motion for the preliminary injunction is one of several federal challenges regarding purged voters filed against the secretary of state by Common Cause of Colorado, *Mi Familia Vota Education Fund and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU - Barack Obama's official union thug organization).

*MFVEF works in conjunction with the NALEO Education Fund, the National Council of La Raza, the Service Employees International Union
One gets the impression that Colorado's law is unique; that not every state has this simple 30 day safeguard in place. Amazing.  If you register with the, for chrissake, you have to return the e-mail notification  before it's activated. Damn!  SEIU is  a RICO case ready to happen.

More "Winninger" Dice


Sarah Palin in GOP leaders' bullseye
if Republicans fall short in November election

This story from the lefty NY Daily News is likely a fanciful GOP planted story. The poll questions are stacked to get a certain result.  I snagged this early enough that the results below are prolly only the Daily News editorial staff and me. You can see where they want it go.

Daily News Baloney

This lingo does sound like something GOP insiders would plant, cowardly backstabing nincmpoops that they are  (If we win, ain't we grand; lose and it's the bitch's fault).

Sarah Palin has unquestionably made her voice heard in this election cycle - but if the GOP falls short of taking back the Senate as most prognosticators expect, the Pride of Wasilla will take a hit from party leaders who think she turns off independents.

"If we don't win the Senate I have one thing to say: ‘Thank you, Sarah Palin,'" a household name and bigtime player in Republican circles tells The Mouth.

This source and several other party elders believe Palin's endorsement of Christine O'Donnell has made a difficult Senate seat pickup in ideologically centrist Delaware hopeless.

They also believe Palin could be the difference between winning and losing in several other Senate races, including Nevada and California. [story]

No comment is necessary in this forum - but what the hell.  Whether "we" take the senate or not, what Palin and other Teaparty stalwarts will have accomplished will be measured by the quality of those elected.  Left to GOP braniac devices, we'd be looking at the possibility of welcoming Senators Castle and Crist, and a return of Murkowski as victories. puke