Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday USMC

235 Years of Excellence

Not at all calming (I should hope)

Red Meat of the Second Kind

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Looking at meat calms men,
say Canadian scientists

I had to laugh when I saw this.  It is true.”- mary

  • Cooked red meat has 'calming effect on men'
  • Researchers expected opposite to be true
  • Traces calming effect back to earliest humans
THE sight of cooked red meat has a calming effect on men, Canadian scientists claimed.

Researchers at McGill University studied 82 men and found that the sight of meat appeared to make them significantly less aggressive, they said Monday.

At the start of the research, Frank Kachanoff, the psychologist who led the study, expected humans to react aggressively to the sight of meat - but found the opposite to be true.

He said the calming effect could be traced back to the earliest humans, because cooked meat reminded males of mealtimes. “Our ancestors would be calm as they would be surrounded by friends and family at mealtime,” said Dr Kachanoff. [...]

Systemic Democrat Voter Fraud

Illegals made Democrat governor in Connecticut?
'Sanctuary city' issued thousands of IDs accepted for voter registration

Republicans cried foul last week after the state's top election official – Democratic Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz – declared the Democratic candidate the winner despite the absence of an official vote count and a post-deadline tally from Bridgeport that overcame the Republican candidate's lead.

Boned Jello
Allegations include extended voting hours in Democratic-stronghold Bridgeport announced illegally through the reverse 911 system, unattended bags of ballots, ballots photocopied without supervision and union workers leaving replica ballots in polling booths with Democratic candidates checked off.

both the mayors of New Haven and Hartford have declared their cities "sanctuary cities" for illegal aliens. She pointed out that over the past three years, New Haven has issued ID cards to about 15,000 people, ostensibly to enable them to use public services such as the library.

New Haven, Dean argued, has allowed people registering to vote to use the ID cards as proof of identification.

Eric Holder sues Arizona for enforcing federal immigration law, but is silent about numerous so-called "sanctuary cities?"   Add his [documented] obstruction in the Philadelphia Black Panther intimidation case,  and myriad other outrages, and it's clear: he has to go.  As luck would have it, the New York Times here [He’s Impeachable, You Know], while in a frivolous snit,  inadvertently outlined the case  for removing Obama's consigliere .  Replace "Gonzales" with "Holder"  and see if you don't agree.
Boned Jello

French Erotica & Popcorn

Three French Movies

Three French Erotic Romances

Over the weekend NetFlix (via ROKU) served up suggestions from a category called "Erotic French Romance."   I do like foreign film, and especially those from France if it's not a comedy. I began with "Ma mère."          HFS! 

[I digress here] I know that European film makers are quite a bit looser in their approach to sex than we.  For instance,  the acclaimed Italian epic 1900, directed by  Bernardo Bertolucci , that I borrowed from the library 15-20 years ago,  contained scenes where a grandfather (Burt Lancaster)  is masturbated by an adolescent girl.  Later, two boys have a jerk-off contest graphically depicted. So, when I tell you that I immediately went to Wikipedia after watching Ma mère, it wasn't because I didn't understand what I saw; it was to validate that I did see what I saw. And I had. The incestuous relationship betwixt mother and son is only part of it; this film is downright nasty! Notice where Netflix says 2.0 Our best guess for Rodger?   A tad high.  [Trailer]

Next, I did Exterminating Angels (Les Anges Exterminateurs).  I will describe this as Sex, Lies, and Videotape meets Girls Gone Wild.  Again, Wikipedia has a better intro than Netflix.

The film is about a director named François who embarks on a film project about female eroticism. He meets three struggling actresses who perform sexual acts in front of him. What Francois does not realise is that there is a lot more going on in the girls' heads than other parts and this leads to tragic consequences.[Trailer]

François promises he won't ever touch them, so naturally they all want him to.  There are really no holes barred, ahem.  The sub plot is very French,  and very stupeede.  The only reason to watch this is for the sex, which is sometimes titillating. I give it a 2.0

Lastly, Sex Is Comedy

Sex Is Comedy revolves around a director (Anne Parillaud) and her troubles filming an intimate sex scene between two actors who cannot tolerate each other.[Trailer]

I actually enjoyed, and was fascinated by this biographical film -- outside of the nakedness, or anticipation of it. Of the three, I imagine women would like this one too, perhaps even more than men because it is a woman's movie. And a romance. I give it a 3.5.


What could go wrong?

What could go wrong?
Or, don't go to sleep on the wheel

Asleep at the wheel

First Orange Speaker

It figures
Democrats judge man by the color of his skin!

The Executive Order

"Stroke of the pen,
law of the land
-- kinda cool"
Paul Begala
Teddy Roosevelt -- as obnoxious and authoritarian a personality as ever occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue -- issued more than 1,000 EOs, including one setting aside 16 million acres of public land just before Congress restricted his authority to do so, and another pushing a trendy "Simplified Spelling" scheme, wherein "kissed" would read "kist"; "enough," "enuf," etc. (Luckily, Congress beat back TR's attempt to assert presidential dominion over the English language.)

Because I won the election - that's why

During the Clinton occupation I spent a lot of time trying to understand the Executive Order.  The idea that the president of this democratic republic of ours can legislate by fiat is just so .. so counterintuitively preposterous.  I mean, he's not a federal judge </snark>

What I do remember from that research is that what one expert said over here was countermanded by that expert over there; sort of like dealing with the IRS.  A detail that stuck, for some reason, is Texas democrat Henry B. Gonzalez saying that the EO,  in the hands of an unscrupulous president, could represent a threat to the nation.  You owe it to yourself to read this article by Examiner columnist Gene Healy:  Congress should 'shellack' president's executive orders.   [Sample]

After last Tuesday's "shellacking," it's a fair bet President Obama will find rule by decree kinda cool as well. A recent report from the American Prospect argues "President Obama's own executive power is a key to creating jobs at higher wages," and he should reshape federal contracting to promote unionization and the "living wage."

Such ideas likely sound increasingly appealing to the embattled president. Even when his party controlled Congress, Obama relished the chance to proclaim "make it so!" such as summarily firing GM's CEO, handing Chrysler over to the United Auto Workers, and, without any legal authority, strong-arming BP into putting $20 billion in escrow.

What Gonzalez was talking about.

Pricey Science

No Inflation Here Boss

Why is this necessary?
The cost of goods and services going through the roof even though there's no inflation

Cutting Back Here Boss

My lying eyes are at it again.  For two years now I've been expecting the cost of stuff I buy - like food - to start dropping, or at least to not increase.  That's what should happen when people lose their jobs wholesale, and those who are working have salaries frozen, if not cut back.  Which causes businesses that have been around forever to close.  And the survivors to  lower prices in order to stay alive.  Which means cutting back on overhead by buying cheaper, trimming staff, etc., etc.  

Unless you were around for Jimmy Carter, you've never felt inflation; and you're not feeling it now.  We know that because government reports tell us there's no inflation.   Mr. Bernanke has maintained that inflation is not even a threat!  He's a smart guy.  Has to be.  Figured out how to print money faster than Zimbabwe with no ill effect.

So why in hell is the price of cotton, sugar, orange juice and underpants going through the roof?  Our government wouldn't be sending out phony economic reports would they?   Of course they would.  It's part and parcel of  living in a nanny state, where bad news is controlled  because we the people are just so helpless when faced with harsh realities, don't you know?

Cuzzin Ricky, my staff economist,  keeps sending me WASS economic reports that put the lie to every damn thing we are being told by this Obamunist gummint.  I don't read them anymore.  I don't have an answer.   La la la la la ... .