Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st Incest

A HUNK & her man

who's yur daddy?

who's yur daddy?

Senior Gets a Ticket

When is it time for Senileor
Citizen's to Give Up Driving?


More California Rot

More California Rot

Lanny Davis = MFCS

Ann Twitters

Talk about negotiating with the Taliban ...

Just a short time before tip-off ... click-click

GWAR Kills Sarah Palin!
Watch her DIE
Not that we needed anything else to post on the bulletin board before the big game, but ....

The Daily DUH

Taliban Tip-off

It's pretty long so it must be profound


Joe Scarborough tells GOP to man up and confront Sarah Palin for her harsh dismissal of this great man George Herbert Walker Bush's proclamation that she ought stay in Alaska.

Boned Jello

The real deal is, Joe, that point-by-point Sarah Palin has thus far demonstrated to the electorate a better grasp of what works best for the country, and what doesn't work, than your great man and all the others who ride in that gray-bearded posse ever did.  If I'm wrong, the body politic will make the adjustment without help from the nincompoops running the GOP.  Yeah Joe, the world has changed; it's 1776 again.

Just leave it alone dammit.

Metaphorically Speaking

As is my wont, I have EWTN's morning mass playing on the telly.  The broadcast comes from someplace in Alabama, and this morning the sound of pelting rain was obvious enough that the priest acknowledged the horrific rainstorm outside.  A feeling of warmth spread over me with this nod to real stuff being allowed to  manifest itself in a medium that's usually uber controlled.  Maybe you had to be there.
While mass continued, I was perusing the web and happened upon the "Breast Man."  Wow, talk about my worlds colliding.  But what a striking metaphor for, say, trying to repair Obamacare instead just deleting the whole thing (see  post below).  Dr. Garth Fisher's specialty is breast enhancement.  But wait, give him credit.  He eschews the rubber balloon look in favor of the classic ski slop, or teardrop look.  Clap clap clap. But it's the mug shots that give him away as an ersatz creator.  Bruce Jenner came in with a botched plastic surgery; Dr. Fisher, IMO, made him even more hideous.  For this he's called the Michelangelo of the Plastic face? 

Except in cases of accident trauma, or birth defects, God's original blueprint is always better.  Always.  (Well, this is pretty good)


A thorn by any other name ...

That didn't take long
If a woodchuck could chuck crap
how much would the woodchuck chuck?

In addition to a Republican effort to repeal the Democrats’ health care law, the party will also move to impose provisions that restrict insurance companies from discriminating against patients with pre-existing conditions and allow young people to stay on their parents’ insurance up to the age of 26, said Majority Leader-designate Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia.

So much for that

We too don’t want to accept any insurance company’s denial of someone and coverage for that person because he or she might have a pre-existing condition.

Do I have to say it?