Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alear takes capitulation hard

Alear at OSU-Perdue
I'd empathize with you , except I'm a Terps fan and you're still rich. We have nothing. :(


Gayle Miller said...

Don't even START dissing OSU Rodger my love.

The Ohio State University, 1963

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Dissing OSU? Not Gayle. Commiserating with Alear, as best a pauper can a rich man, hoops-wise.

Anonymous said...

Gayle, Class of '81 here. Alear's dirty little secret? He's a Wesleyan grad.


Chris in NC said...

Rodger, Rodger, Rodger, quit being so mean to the Buckeye fans. Their brains are taxed enough trying to remember to spell the state with only 4 letters in its name and 2 are the same... (runs).

flest said...

How'd I get dragged into this? Rich? Wesleyan Grad? You all got the wrong Alear.

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