Sunday, February 20, 2011

Misogynistic? print ads.

The 9 most disturbingly
misogynistic old print ads

Tampax Fish Line

"I'm like a fish in water"

I don't know about misogynistic, but yes to obtuse. But, this is after all a Tampax ad targeting French women, so maybe they know something.  Or,  maybe the American agency sent copy that read "Je ne peux pas attraper des poissons sans app√Ęt," and that made no sense to them, so they just changed it, but are scratching their own heads still. It would make a dandy ad for  Summer's Eve, wee?


MoFiZiX Gr4FiX said...

They had the Zonite ad, but nothing from Lysol???

I-RIGHT-I said...

Funny, I don't remember any of those. They must have been in magazines my parents didn't leave lying around. But I must say, with the exception of the pedophile add I can't find anything to disagree with. After all, it's why we used to win.

BlogDog said...

Well, that explains one thing then. I always just thought it was because she was a Pisces.

VW: brinally

brine-ally? Really?

Juice said...

I don't get the misogyny.
Machismo is more likely.

Anonymous said...

They only showed one WWII VD poster but others ones are amazing. You can find great ones if you look under Google Images.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Juice - that's one of the reasons we let you in the tree house when we were kids.

Cheesy said...

"Oh, no!
Now the fish are gonna smell like that!"

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