Thursday, February 24, 2011

Democrats lied, Now they get pied.

Democrats and Unions make a claim. 
Turns out they lied. Yawn.  Carry on.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin and other supporters of the state's teachers union claim that the five states that do not have collective bargaining for teachers have the following SAT/ACT ranks: South Carolina -50th/ North Carolina -49th/ Georgia -48th/ Texas -47th/ Virginia -44th," and that Wisconsin ranks second. According to Politifact, the claim is completely bogus.

More likely, it's because only 4 percent of Wisconsin students took the SAT in 2010, compared to 74 percent of Georgia students, 67 percent of Virginia students, 66 percent of South Carolina students, 63 percent of North Carolina students, and 53 percent of Texas students. Hell, every state in the country would have a shot at the podium if it excluded 96 percent of its students from standardized test rankings.


Jenn said...

Thou mayest not count Texas' 45th place ranking as valid. Since the Union Gummint of Occupation in Washyourhandington Dee Cee refuses to enforce the immigration laws, the Lone Star State must count all those mojados who no speekee Eenglich, so no shizzle they fail the SAT/ACT.

Soon as we get this secession thing worked out and seal the borders along the Rios Grande and Red, ya'll won't have Tejas to kick around any longer. We won't need any stinking badges.

SoylentGreen said...

Even if there WERE correlation, would it not prove that education produces stupidity?

Arch said...

When I first saw the original story, I just said "correlation doesn't equal causation" and moved on. I didn't even have to do any fact-checking.

toadold said...

I was reading Robin of Berkley over at American Digest and she was reporting things were quiter in San Francisco because the usual suspects where all in the Wisconsin and other parts of the Midwest "protesting". I wonder just how many outsiders there actually are in Wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

Well bargaining and better education go hand in hand like peanut butter and transmission fluid.

Skip said...

Hey, transmission fluid on the little parts and peanut butter on the slide rails...could work.

gadfly said...

This whole thing is nutso. There are union teachers in the whole range of state scores from lowest to highest, so there is no argument to make here. Wisconsin for example finishes way up on the SAT list because only the best students bother to take it. Wisconsin students generally do well on the ACT but not as well as those from other states, especially those states where only a few percentage take that test.

BTW, my kids were in Wisconsin Schools from 2nd through 12th grades. I can attest that Wisconsin schools are far better than Indiana schools and both states are unionized.

Mark Alger said...

The comparisons are invidious and have no other purpose than division. The bottom line fact is that, on an absolute scale of success-to-failure ALL of the schools are made of FAIL, and the steepest decline into suckitude has been since unionization of teachers, although it really BEGAN with progressive priest-king John Dewey ::spit::.


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