Saturday, March 26, 2011

Huffington Bans Brietbart

Breitbart banned from front page of Huffington
 Post for ‘ad hominem’ attack on Van Jones

  Van Jones is a commie punk [Ahem].  He was exposed to a great extent because of the hard journalism that was done at my website, that exposed him as a guy who was an unvetted liability to the Obama administration. He was forced to step down because of my journalistic work.  (Andrew Brietbart)
... despite it being true, and HuffPo history
of printing (actual) ad hominem attacks 

  • JFC Arianna - you don't marry them!
    The Huffington Post published an article by actor John Cusack in November 2005 that called Republicans “a league of bastards” and said that Iraq war supporters “are human scum.”
  • Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz wrote an article appearing on The Huffington Post a day after the death of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist in September 2005. Dershowitz wrote that Rehnquist “started out his political career as a Republican thug” and that “Rehnquist’s judicial philosophy was result-oriented, activist, and authoritarian.”
  • “Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately,” wrote actor Alec Baldwin in February 2006.
  • Baldwin wrote in a subsequent post, “I want to apologize to all of the readers of this blog for referring to Vice President Cheney as a terrorist… How about something more measured, then? How about… a lying, thieving Oil Whore. Or, a murderer of the US Constitution?” -  ETC.ETC


Anonymous said...

Really, who gives a sh*t what the Huff 'n' puff post does?

Greybeard said...

I do...
Because I'm watching the country I risked my life to defend being destroyed in front of my eyes.
I'm fearful the division between Liberals and Conservatives is now so great that we may soon find ourselves doing violent things to one another.
It's no longer civil.
The "Big Lie" is now in fashion, and many of these fools don't even know what that reference means.
I'm hopeful that somehow blogs and real journalists like Breitbart can illuminate the truth and make my fears just paranoid nightmares.

(Thanks Rodger. I read you daily but seldom comment.)

Snackeater said...

Greybeard? Of GBO?

TimO said...

It's only an 'ad hominem attack' when SOMEONE ELSE does it...

Anonymous said...

So true.


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