Saturday, September 10, 2011

The BBC -Sheesh



Spent the past hour or so installing and configuring the  TOR proxy recommended by some of you for watching the BBC.  I suggest that anyone doing the same refer to Using BBC iPlayer, Spotify or Hulu internationally, without it I never would have gotten this far.  Anyway, I got it installed, hied my way to BBC2,  and this is what I got. AWK!  Will someone (who has watched Top Gear on the BBC using TOR) send me a screen cap of their settings?  Thanks.           


Mark said...

are you talking about the TOR set up itself?

Mark said...

Proxies are typically very poor at this function, if they work at all. A better approach is a personal VPN. It puts your entire network connection through the tunnel. Everything works as it's supposed to with no hassle. while i didn't test them you can use a free VPN here:

I-RIGHT-I said...

$10/month via paypal

Net Flix has the entire collection from 2002-2011

Proxies and VPN? If you are connected to them they they are connected to you. Nothings free Rodge.

B.S. philosopher said...

I sent you the text of my Torrc configuration file. The instructions in that webpage you have listed are out of date and refer to some deprecated functions. Don't spread those exit nodes around, it will reduce the bandwidth and make them useless for streaming.

Anonymous said...


Whereas I, being reckless and hasty, not to mention cheap, went ahead & installed the Expat Shield software. Opted not to install the toolbar (yes you can- I did!)

It can be switched on/off from its icon on the taskbar. Works great!

I just came back from where I was watching the latest Dr. Who.

Appears that in the future, vehicles will look amazingly like an old-fashioned telephone box! Oh well, beats the Volt!


Kristopher said...

Tor's default is a random exit point.

The US, Germany, outer Mongolia, anywhere a Tor server is running.

I suggest implementing whatever config file changes B.S. Philo handed you.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thanks B.S. philosopher - I'll work on it a little later.

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