Thursday, October 20, 2011

Falling Stars


The rest of the story

Remember that satellite that recently was going to drop a 300 pound chunk somewhere - maybe Canada, maybe India, maybe Washington State?

Supposedly, there was "only a 1/3200 chance" that it would injure somebody?  Then, NASA announced that it had fallen to earth, but they didn't know where?  Well, here's the straight scoop.

Don M


Anonymous said...

C'mon, how did they get the hood off so quickly-takes me a half a minute fumbling around just to pop it.

but it's still funny

I-RIGHT-I said...

The little ornamental girl was cute as a button or something. Shhhhhh.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

They owned to prop car and had it parked, waiting for opportunity. It's brilliant.

DougM said...

As a former satellite engineer ...
They would'a had to do CPR on me after I choked on my own tears or my lungs gave out laughing.
Thanks, Rodge!

Anonymous said...

A few years back , I was doing a job at the Naval Research Lab (next door to the shit plant) . They had just completed some kind of super secret satellite , and were preparing to deliver it to a launch site , when one of our highly skilled govt. employees drove the damned thing right into the roll-up door ! Your tax dollars at work ! WTF ? SMIBSID

Anonymous said...

I left a data center a year ago where the affirmative action illiterate female Deputy Director bought a million dollar data server a couple years previously. It sat there plugged in with the lights on but never loaded for a couple years. Then one day, the big bosses from back East came in and saw it, and wondered why it wasn't online. It became the hot issue for a couple of months, until they figured out that it was broken. Then they figured out that the support contract had lapsed, management decision... too expensive you know. After a few more months, they realized that it was going to cost major jack to get it going. They pulled the plug, and fired the most competent contractor there, and blamed him.


pdwalker said...

Great gag. The "Just for Laughs" crowd do put out some good ones, don't they?

DougM said...

By the way,
that looks like Sputnik which was actually about 2'dia and 220lb and re-entered in '58.

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