Thursday, October 20, 2011

1000 Snipers ...

Here's Why Russia Wants To Train A Thousand Snipers

So why the rush? Liz Fuller at RFE/RL hypothesizes that the snipers are being trained for some kind of close-quarters, urban-warfare type situations — which could definitely mass demonstrations or an Arab Spring-type action.

Which leads us to wonder what exactly Russia are expecting...

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Crack Russian Army
Crack Russian army soldier on maneuvers.
I speed  read "... is hoping to train 1,000 snipers in the next few months.,"  and quite honestly thought it referred to Obama and the SEIU for a second.  Whew.

Of the 16 states that comprised the erstwhile Soviet Union, Muslims were in majority in eight of them. Of those, radical  Chechnya is now Russia's "Iran,"  and hostilities betwixt the two have been ongoing since the breakup. The Russian army is a mess, relatively untrained, undisciplined, and drunk (it seems). So there's that worry, but nuking threats like Chechnya would be more in keeping with a Putinized Russian army, not sniping.

Russia of course is also vulnerable to to a coming world depression.  Economic turmoil  is nourishment to  (O Irony) communist revolutionaries.  Speaking of which, because of our Second Amendment, the American government can count on, oh, let's say 30 million sharpshooting snipers-in-waiting to protect it against communist style urban upheaval.   A desired quality of the sniper is patience—  the ability to lay for hours without moving.   I  (with my Vietnam era brothers)  am well practiced in the art. USA UAS USA.  


I-RIGHT-I said...

With any luck we'll see Pootie Poot being taken away by a blood crazed mob of Muslims just like Obama's buddy.

cmblake6 said...

Hours? Days. Been there, done that.

Anonymous said...

The Rooskis have been wrangling with the muzzies for a couple hundred years. They know the business. This ain't Afghanistan.


Skip said...

Doing pretty good on my 1k shots, in low light.
Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who said it, in America there is a rifle behind every blade of grass.

Brigadier Major mike

Anonymous said...

1K yards dang that's pretty good. I'm working my way up to 600 yds my self, but even a range like that is difficult to get time on for me.

I'm working on a .308 Win with rem 700 short action....

What are you shooting out to 1K with?


Igor said...

Bought a Savage .338 Lapua Mag Rifle. Haven't been able to zero it in yet. But I'll definitely be ready.

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