Thursday, October 20, 2011

Skool Daze .....

Sigh Hoes in the Outfield
School Daze

Me and the Sup drove to Pittsburgh for a special family affair, so I'm way behind.  I just saw this, and am ticked by it. took me back to my yoot.  Actually said the Pledge of Allegiance to start the day too!

NPR host doubling as ‘Occupy DC’ spox fired from syndicated radio program


Juice said...

Oh, the short stop! Just when I was about to sing along. :)
You and MoSup are truly blessed.
Thanks mucho for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Just The Pledge? My grammar school started each fair weather day assembled in the school yard singing 2 verses of The Star Spangled Banner before marching to class to John Philip Sousa.

And I still turned out bad as you can see from the blogs I frequent.

Freddie Sykes

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Same here, and also read a bible verse (in public school!), but this is day school for 4 year-olds ... sheesh

Anonymous said...

They don't sing it with the gusto that we did.


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