Monday, October 31, 2011

Play it Mr. Butters ...

Limbaugh: Politico Story An "Unconscionable Racially Charged Attack"

Limbaugh compared the rapidly expanding Cain saga to the way media outlets covered the alleged indiscretions of former President Bill Clinton, concluding that the Politico story is a part of a calculated left-wing strategy to marginalize minority conservatives — including Cain and Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio, who was subject of a Washington Post story last week about claims that his parents were Cuban exiles.

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But, Rodge—  I'm turned off when you call them "filthy democrats." - Larry Louno

The preferred usage is "filthy f'n democrats" Larry

Democrat Attack Monkey Media
Attack Monkey Media


molonlabe28 said...

It's too bad that Schieffer has his knickers in a twist about Marc Block's smoking a cigarette.

Every movie coming out of his friends in Hollywood shows people smoking (at a considerably higher rate than people do in real life (25% of Americans)).

Does Schieffer refrain from watching movies since he is so averse to seeing someone smoke?

This guy is a little light in the loafers to me.

I'll bet he gets manis and pedis in the green room so he looks like the prince that he is under the lights and in front of the cameras.

Herman is a cancer survivor and doesn't need to be lectured by a reformed smoker like Schieffer.

I wish that Herman had gotten up and challenged him to a fight like Zell Miller did with Chris Matthews in 2004.

Anonymous said...

I like her picture... Maybe she can unlearn liberal crap...

Anonymous said...

I hope he replied, "Well Bob, if smoking bothers you that much, you should probably just go fuck yourself." Or words to that effect.


BlogDog said...

In light of your using the "Hit it Mr. Butters!" gal, have you seen the ad?
Put some freckles on that lass. which they're probably covering up with makeup, and I'm left gawping in awe. I'm already pretty much there without seeing freckles.

Snackeater said...

The TP Media is just following the Democrat playbook concerning prominent conservatives:
If it's a young white man, he's stupid (Bush 43). If it's an older white man, he's senile (Reagan). If it's a black man, he's a sexual harasser (Clarence Thomas).

Anonymous said...

Ever nortice that many of the anti-tobacco people spend their off time promoting the legalization of pot? I guess they need it to calm themselves while unknotting their panties.

gadfly said...

The high-tech lynching has begun again almost 20 years to the day after Clarence Thomas.

Check out this bull on JSOnline:

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