Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well ... .so there's that.

The State of the Union: A Poll
What do Americans really think about Obama and his jobs plan?

"David Axelrod, President Barack Obama's senior campaign strategist, pushed back against negative media accounts surrounding the president's approval rating and said recent polling shows the majority of Americans agree with Obama's plan to create jobs."—CNN

Question: In the past few weeks, a group of peaceful, definitely non-communist, and completely non-anti-Semitic protesters has been quietly gathering on Wall Street and in other once-great cities decimated by the scourge of capitalism to, like the president, object to policies that they say -- and you know -- favor the criminally rich, big banks that charge fees and "interest," bailouts***, and the political party that doesn't run the presidency or the Senate. What is your view of these wholly American protests?

Very favorable: the 99 percent.

Question: What are your impressions of the zealously anti-government tea party?

Unfavorable: 100 percent. Very, very unfavorable: 53 percent.

[Full results]


mperkins37 said...

Looks like a PEW poll, Remember Their Trademark folks, If it's a PEW Poll, IT STINKS!

Anonymous said...

"Caligula-inspired socials" - LOL. I dunno, been an evil republican for years and have yet to be invited to one :(

Anonymous said...

Man, do I miss Jack Benny and all the other old timers that made us laugh.

Today, all we have to laugh at are the dirty, dope smoking, illiterate 99%'ers. An ironic laugh is NOT a belly laugh.

Buzz D

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