Friday, December 16, 2011

Dim Bulbs ...

Only two weeks left to buy
100W incandescent bulbs that have
banned by our dick congress on
Algore's instruction  to save us from
man caused global warming. 
If you can find any, since
all US manufacturers
have closed down. 


Anonymous said...

I don't use 100 watt bulbs that much but every time I go to the store, I buy 60, 75, and 60/75/150 three way bulbs. Have about 20 of each so far. Should have started sooner.

Juice said...

Yo! Walmart gots 'em all. And those dollar stores.

Anonymous said...

File under Why We Win: they now make 95w bulbs.

Esteve said...

I may never use them but I just bought four dozen 100 watt bulbs from Amazon for cheap. Maybe good for barter one day unless we wake up to the green fraud.

RavingDave said...

I believe Ace of Spades blog says that the House inserted a rider into the current budget/spending bill to block enforcement of the light bulb ban until September.

If this is true, then the ban won't go into effect in January, and may not go into effect at all.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

That's good, but with manufacturing of new bulbs at an end, available bulbs will be going for black market prices.

Anonymous said...

Not that we shouldn't have a choice, or that the market shouldn't dictate rather than a govt agency. Total agreement there.

That said, five years ago, I bought two blister packs of ten bulbs for three dollars apiece, (twenty bulbs for six dollars) at Shop-Rite on one of the amazing specials they often have. Not one has broken, burned out, or otherwise kicked the bucket. I used to keep a dozen or so incandescent bulbs around for replacement, after burning though them in a year or so (owned a business, so went through them fast), I haven't need to buy any more.

Fiscal (and defense) conservative, otherwise, I like to try new stuff and see how it works. New bulbs work for me, so far.

--Sapo Mal

Kristophr said...

Replica antique bulbs are still being made, since there is an exception for decorative bulbs.

search Amazon for replica antique bulbs. They cost about $10 a bulb.

Anonymous said...

This ban has been overturned, thank God!


Anonymous said...

The law stands as is - just doesn't allow any money in this years budget to be spent on enforcement.

"The spending bill doesn’t actually amend the 2007 law, but does prohibit the administration from spending any money to carry out the light bulb standards — which amounts to at least a temporary reprieve."

Kristophr said...

And here is an even better buy ... 60 wat traffic signal bulbs for about $4.

8000 hours hard service.

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