Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Top Ten List of Obamunisms

Nearly one in five Obamacare waivers went to businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district

Filthy Democrats

If that Pelosi item only made Honorable Mention, whatever it is must be one rich target environment.  And it is.

10. Chris Matthews officially went ’round the bend
  9. What’s worse than being unemployed? Working for Sheila Jackson Lee
  8. A State Department contract officer’s $52 million sweetheart deal
  7. Love letters from Jon Huntsman (Dear Barry ...)
6. The “99 percent” might live better than you do
5. A Navy SEAL calls shenanigans on the official account of Osama bin Laden’s death
  4. Michele Bachmann’s campaign headaches
  3. POLITICO and MSNBC: a match made in northern Virginia
  2. Weinergate
  The #1 story, featuring Mexican fireworks and a DOJ meltdown

There you have Daily Caller's "Top ten stories of 2011."  Rich target environment?  Only their #1 story would make my top 10 - were I inclined to do one.  Okay - here's my  number 10

Barack Obama Not Impeached

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Anonymous said...

Number 5, the guy is selling a book, not to be trusted.


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