Saturday, January 22, 2011

Escalator Art

Best Downer Ever

Jimmy Connors extraordinarily return

Jimmy Connors extraordinarily return
Celebrating Genius

Former American No.1 tennis ace Jimmy Connors on a senior tour in 1991, produces the winning shot out of thin air. Today this is not a legal shot as rules state the racquet must be in the player's hand at moment of contact. But at the time it was legal, as long as the player caught the racquet before it hit the ground, as Connors did.

Try this in bed first

Try this.  Tell me if it works.
If it doesn't, send pics.


Viacom is becoming a real social nuisance

Oh. Well, in that case.
I mean, that never was the case in the past.
True Love
He's happy to see me.

MTV PORN: Parents Television Council Calls for Fed Investigation Into 'SKINS'...


Young Star Defends: 'It's What Teens Are Doing'...

First lady, Wal-Mart reach pact on nutrition

'spchly estrogen

Wal-Mart's been trying to build 4-5 stores in D.C.  Watch. Now they will.  They win.

Rush Joins The Birthers

A 1000 Pound Gorilla Joins the Birthers
Governor of Hawaii Can't Find Barack Obama's Birth Certificate?

Here's about 8 minutes of audio  from Rush's first hour on Friday.  Here's the Full.Transcript. 

Must be New York

Girls in Black Dresses