Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Run if he mentions 72 Interns

Run If He Mentions "72 Interns"

While campaigning in Washington in 2008, Obama announced he had "visited all but two of the 57 states."  Tonight he's planning to focus on "five pillars" (no, not those pillars) during his 2011 State of the Union address.   Ahem

What's worse than Democrat scum?

The Olbermann Script

Liberals trying to draft Keith Olbermann
for Joe Lieberman's Senate seat

Olbermann's Script

Lieberman Leads Olbermann 72%-27% With 92% Counted

Lieberman Wins With 74% of Vote

Olbermann  Won't Concede
Cites Voting Irregularities

Moveon.org To Pay For CT. Senate Recount!

1,807,276 Uncounted Ballots Discovered in New Haven Warehouse

New Haven Votes Put Olbermann Over The Top

Connecticut Supreme Court Validates Olbermann' Election

Pootie and Islamo MFCS

To Russia With ... Hate
  On that very day [9/11/2001], President George W. Bush began his address to the nation with the assertion that "our way of life — our very freedom — came under attack." He said, "America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world."

Certainly no one can say that about the Russia of Vladimir Putin, the former KGB operative who has done everything in his power to maintain an undemocratic grasp on power and darken his countrymen's opportunities for freedom — including his likely being behind the murder in London four years ago of dissident Russian journalist Alexander Litvinenko, courtesy of a radioactive isotope slipped into his tea.

Help me out here.  Was it Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising that had as it's plot a supposedly economically crippled CCCP getting aid from the U.S., while  preparing to send tanks into Germany?  Due diligence kept that scenario in my brain after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. But with the siege on old-liners holed up in Moscow's White House, I became a believer. [Tangential Obama discourse]  George Bush's Pootie-Poo show, very similar in retrospect to FDR's Uncle Joe attempt to humanize Stalin, was also somewhat disarming.  Today, I think Tom Clancy is back in business, doing what he does best; writing extremely accurate novels about the Evil Empire Rising. Oh. I love that Iran's sponsored Islamo terrorists are biting the hand that feeds them nuclear capability. Do it again.